Poster Session

As part of Graduate Student Appreciation Week, February 20, 2019 has been designated as Research

Day! As an opportunity to celebrate and encourage research on campus, all graduate students are welcome to participate in the poster session. Students will present their research while developing professional presentation and communication skills. 

Students, faculty and staff are welcome to attend the poster session and view posters of the research projects that students are currently working on in various disciplines.  This is an opportunity for students to disseminate their research and receive feedback while engaging with colleagues. 


Getting started with your poster

Poster requirements

  • Students are expected to be available on Wednesday, February 20th from 1-3 p.m. to discuss their research and answer questions while taking the opportunity to view other presentations and posters while interacting with colleagues. Note: If you are unable to be there, but would like to display a poster, please indicate this on the registration form. 
  • Each poster will be attached to a 30” by 40” area and may be oriented in either direction (30” x 40” or 40” by 30”).
  • We recommend that posters include a title, highlights of the research area and applicable figures/tables and references.
  • Poster session participants may set up their posters during the morning on February 20th in the Raynor Library, Beaumier Suites BC, on the Lower Level.  Everything must be set up by 12:45 p.m.  Poster materials need to be thumb-tacked to foam boards or other display surfaces.  The Graduate School will provide thumb tacks, easels and foam boards.  Please remove your poster at the end of the poster session.

Suggestions and tips

Poster format

  • Use a few (e.g., 6-8) Bullet-type charts, figures, tables, equations, etc. to indicate and highlight the important technical content of your presentation.
  • Be prepared to use your Poster Presentation as the basis to briefly explain the work described and to answer specific questions.
  • Print should be readable three to six feet away.

Presentation suggestions

  • Avoid jargon; attendees will be from a variety of disciplines.
  • Practice your presentation.

Workshop for assistance in creating posters:

The Digital Scholarship Lab and the Ott Memorial Writing Center will host a workshop on Creating Research Posters.  The session is open to all graduate students.  Attendees will learn how to condense a project into a poster format, best practices for poster creation and examples of what makes a successful poster.

The workshop will be offered on Thursday, February 7 at 3:30 p.m. in the Digital Scholarship Lab of the Raynor Memorial Library.  If you would like to attend, please indicate this on the poster session registration form. 

Submit your abstract to participate

Submit an abstract summary describing your research by completing the participation form below.

Final date to register is February 13, 2019.

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Workshop on Creating Research Posters