Educational Policy and Leadership Graduate Programs

Preparing Graduate Students for Exceptional Educational Leadership Roles

The programs offered in the Educational Policy and Leadership department prepare graduate students to be exceptional educational leaders. Through a systematic focus on the social, cultural, philosophical and historical contexts of education, we are committed to the development of professionals as agents of critical inquiry and social justice. These programs prepare educators to uphold the Jesuit tradition of care for the person, social justice and academic, excellence, ethical behavior and service to the urban community.

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Prepares graduate students to assume educational leadership roles in the areas of study provided by its programs and specializations.

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Master of Arts Education Students

Master of Arts Programs

Designed as a traditional master's program with an emphasis on leadership and research in public and private K-12 schools, higher education and other educational organizations and agencies. 

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Master of Arts Education Students

Counseling Programs

The College of Education offers a masters in school counseling, clinical mental health counseling and the American Psychological Association accredited PhD in psychology counseling program.


Education Leadership and Policy Graduate Students

Master of Education Programs

Designed to meet the needs of teachers and administrators who wish to complete a master's program and/or become certified as a principal or director of instruction. Earning the principal or director of instruction licensure without the master's degree is an offered option.

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 EDPL graduate students PhD

PhD Programs

Our doctoral program in educational policy and leadership is designed to foster the development of scholar-practitioners. It asks students to inquire deeply into the process of teaching and learning and examine how the organization of schools shapes the process of teaching and learning.

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Administrative Licensure Certification


Director of Instruction


Educational Policy and Leadership

Master of Arts

Educational Policy and Foundations

Educational Leadership

Master of Education

Director of Instruction


Student Affairs

Master of Education

Teacher Education

Master of Education

Elementary Education

Secondary Education

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education

Educational Policy and Leadership