Friends of the Haggerty Museum of Art

Board of Directors

The Friends of the Haggerty Museum of Art is an unincorporated membership group that provides vital support to the Haggerty Museum of Art’s exhibitions and programs. We’re grateful to the following individuals for serving as members of the Friends of the Haggerty Museum of Art Board of Directors during the 2019-20 year.

Robert Tatterson

Vice President
Ann Keiper

Fred Syrjanen

Friends of the Haggerty Museum of Art Board Members 2018-2019

Maggie Beckley
Claire Boles
Michaela Brown
Tina Daniell
Julie DeLeeuw
Lisa Dietz
Judy Doerr
Susie Falk
Donna Farrell
Michelle Glynn
Linda Haag
James Hall
Mary Hill
Kris Jenson
Carrie Matteson
Donte McFadden
Casey O'Brien
Lindsay Ruch
Jan Wade
Janice Welburn

Directors at Large 2018-2019
Joan Abdoo
Dave Anderson
Betty Arndt
Joe Becker
Kathleen Brady
Deanna Braeger
Murph Burke
Wendy Burke
Therese Burkhart
James Connelly
Jodi Eastberg
Deborah Gannon
Scott Haag
Joan Houlehen
Monica Jaekels
Kiki Jennings
Ann Keiper
Peggy Kelsey
Donna Kempf
Benedict Kordus
Doris Kuhn
Lois Ladish
Tom Monahan
Judy Mulcahy
Christianne Murn
Rose Mary O’Byrne
Tricia Ognar
Ellie Schroeder
Mary Stadtmueller
Judy Steininger
JoEllen Stollenwerk
Kathleen Thometz
Barbara Whealon
Rev. Frederick Zagone, S.J.

Friends of the Haggerty Museum of Art
Past Presidents Council
Janet Toser (1985-1987)
Rosemary Cavaluzzi (1987-1989)
Mary Ellen Muth (1989-1991)
Roxy Heyse (1991-1993)
Rosemary Monroe (1993-1995)
Mary Ellen Kuesel (1995-1998)
Peggy Haggerty (1998-2003)
Pat Dowd (2003-2005)
Anna Clair Gaspar (2005-2008)
Jerry Kostner (2008-2010)
Jean Holmburg (2010-2012)
Betty Arndt (2012-2014)
Christianne Murn (2014-2016)
Lisa Dietz (2016-2018)

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  • Monday – Saturday:
    10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Thursday:
    10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Sunday:
    Noon to 5 p.m.