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  • Jason Salavon
  • Jason Salavon

Aug. 18 – Dec. 23, 2016

Using self-authored software, Chicago-based artist Jason Salavon manipulates and reconfigures preexisting data sets to explore the unbound visual potential of digital culture. The source material for The Master Index is a table of the titles of the five million most visited English language Wikipedia articles. Salavon’s summary of popular interest, as expressed in the Internet’s digital consciousness, is altered and (re)presented here as two interlocking works of art. The wallpaper, comprised of a selection of Wikipedia search titles sorted by popularity, serves as a visual monument to this vast field of digital data, at once humorous and absurd. The monitor displays a colorful abstraction generated from the code of those Wikipedia pages; a variety of tessellating polygons appear as information is pulled from the Internet in real time. Salavon’s endlessly responsive, layered installation reflects the social and technological landscape of this particular moment in time.

Support for this exhibition is provided by Friends of the Haggerty Museum of Art, the Nelson Goodman Endowment Fund, and the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.



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