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August 16 – December 15, 2019

Ben Shahn | For the Sake of a Single Verse

For the Sake of a Single Verse is a portfolio of twenty-two lithographs from the Haggerty Museum of Art’s collection created by artist Ben Shahn. The prints illustrate select passages from Rainer Maria Rilke’s only novel, The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge (1910).

The Ariel Poems

The Ariel Poems are a series of pamphlets published by Faber and Gwyer and later by Faber and Faber, an independent publishing house in Great Britain. Conceived as a collaboration between poets and artists, each pamphlet was authored and illustrated by different individuals. Many of the poets are well-known today, but perhaps the most significant of these is T. S. Eliot.  



July 24 – December 2, 2019

Word and Image

Word and Image presents highlights from the Museum's collection. Whether incorporating texts as visual elements in their work, or responding to the contents of literary texts, all of the artists included in this exhibition combine word and image.



Keith Haring Construction Fence | Mixed Reality Experience

The Haggerty Museum of Art collaborated with The Marquette Visualization Lab (MARVL) to create an immersive Mixed Reality experience based on Haring’s Construction Fence.

HMAHMA DNA: Collection Highlights

The Haggerty Museum of Art’s institutional genetic code is formed by a collection of over 6,000 works of art acquired over more than a century. HMA DNA: Collection Highlights is an ongoing exhibition of work from the museum’s collection.



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