Pre-enrollment Support Program: Physician Assistant Studies

Marquette University offers a master in physician assistant studies degree as its only academic track into the profession through its Department of Physician Assistant Studies. Students earn a bachelor of science degree in biomedical sciences and a master of science degree in physician assistant studies during our five-year program.


This curriculum encompasses two pre-professional years often completed on our campus followed by a three-year professional phase. The latter is comprised of 21 months of didactic course work and 12 months of clinical clerkship experience. Students holding college degrees, including appropriate prerequisite course work, and acceptable health care experience, may apply directly to the three-year professional phase of our P.A. program.


We are looking for students with strong interpersonal skills and maturity. Prior healthcare experience and familiarity with the P.A. profession indicates a career commitment to clinical practice. As the final step in the selection process, applicants are interviewed on campus.

Academic requirements

  • Suggested cumulative GPA and science GPA 3.0
  • GRE: degree holders or junior standing or above
  • Previous SAT/ACT: sophomore standing
  • 200 hours of volunteer and/or paid health care experience

Prerequisite course work credits

General chemistry 8 credits
Organic chemistry or biochemistry 3/4 credits
Biology 6 credits
Electives 44 credits
TOTAL 63-64 total credits

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Program Staff

Dr. Lawrence Pan - Director
Kim Harris - Associate Director
Amber May - Director of Diversity and Inclusion at the School of Dentistry