Adaptive Abilities

The Adaptive Abilities Club at Marquette volunteers for various events throughout the year, including for adaptive rugby, downhill skiing, water skiing, fishing, camping, an all-wheelchair fashion show and more.

Adaptive Abilities Club news

  • Wheelchair rugby classification clinic
  • Wheelchair rugby Milwaukee tournament
  • Wheelchair rugby practice

Wheelchair rugby classification clinic

November, evenings TBA

Individuals who play w/c (“quad”) rugby have to have 4 extremities impaired to qualify to play. Players are assigned a point value based on their level of ability. Classifiers are the officials who evaluate the players’ strength, coordination, ball handling, and w/c skills and assign them their class level. Only PTs, OTs and physiatrists are qualified to be classifiers. But if you are interested in the sport and curious about the assessments and determination of ability levels, you are welcome to attend this lecture presentation. It is an excellent precursor to the rugby tournament hosted in Milwaukee, which usually follows this presentation.

Location: Schroeder Health Complex #356
Contact: Tina Stoeckmann, 414-288-5527

Wheelchair rugby Milwaukee tournament

November, weekend TBA

Milwaukee’s w/c rugby team, the Milwaukee Iron, hosts a 6-8 team tournament “The Iron Horse Rumble”, usually a w/e in November. Participants arrive Friday and are seen by classifiers if necessary that evening, with the tournament running all day Sat and most of Sun. Volunteers are needed to run the scoreboard, be line judges, help with food prep and assisting participants with meals. If you have attended the classification clinic earlier in the month, you can also hang out with the official classifiers while they evaluate the abilities of the athletes and determine their point value or “class."

Location: South Division HS

Wheelchair rugby practice

Thursdays and Saturdays

Have you seen the movie “Murderball”? That is w/c rugby. The Milwaukee Iron is our local w/c rugby team, and they practice right here in town. They would love to have volunteers come and practice with them (they’ll loan you a chair), help them tape up their hands, transfer into their rugby chairs, etc.