Letter of Recommendation Packet FAQs


Does my packet need to be reviewed by Laurie Goll before I send it to recommenders?

Yes. You need to meet with Laurie Goll during the spring semester before you want to apply/utilize the letter service. She will review your packet, make copies and/or send you the packet as a pdf. We cannot process your packet without a copy of the packet on file, and you should drop the packet off with Laurie Goll in SC 237 before you distribute to recommenders.


How will I know when all my letters arrive to the CHS Office of Pre-health Studies?

Letters are due to our office by July 15. You can check in with Goll in person (Schroeder Complex, room 237), via email at laurie.goll@marquette.edu or by phone at (414) 288-5053 to find out which letters have arrived.

What do I need to include in my packet before I send it out to recommenders?

Your packet should include all 6 required forms from our LOR website, and we strongly recommend you complete the 7th form, the Questionnaire/Reflection. Click here for a sample packetxxxxx


Should I waive my right of access to see the letter?

We strongly recommend that you waive your right of access to the letter. The reason we recommend this is because health professions programs want a candid assessment of applicants. If you have not waived your right, admissions committees may not weigh the letter as heavily as they would if you had waived your right. Also, since most of our letter writers assume confidentiality when they send letters to our service, we do not show students the letters or reveal contents of letters, regardless of whether you waived your right.


Do I really need to use the service? It seems like a lot of work!

We know this can seem like an overwhelming process. We have designed the CHS Letter of Recommendation Service so that professors and other recommenders can write the absolute best letter possible because they are given a comprehensive picture of what your application looks like. We also designed it so that when it comes time to apply, you will have already done much of the work that is required in the application. So, yes, we strongly, strongly recommend that you use the service. It’s free, it helps you gain the best possible letters, it helps you prepare for your application, and recommenders prefer it because it is much easier and more convenient for them.


When should I get this done?

Review the application timeline that we recommend.