Steps to Completing the Letter of Recommendation Packet

It is important that you only put Laurie Goll’s name as a letter writer. Do NOT put all of your recommenders down. The CHS Letter Service is a hybrid letter packet/committee letter, and you should not put all your letter writer names. If the application service has “letter packet” as an option (AMCAS), select “letter packet”, but only put that the letter is coming from Laurie Goll. If the application service only has a “committee” or “individual letter” option (AADSAS and AACOMAS), select “committee”, and enter Laurie Goll as the only letter writer. This is very important! Please get in contact with Laurie Goll if you have any questions.

If you are going to use this service, there are a few things you will need to do first.

  1. Identify the names of your evaluators, and make contact with them in person. Be sure to ask if they are able to write you a strong letter of recommendation. A generic letter that simply states you did well in their class will not help. Review the recommendation cover form on our website, and think about if you are asking the right people.
  2. Check into the schools you are applying to see what letters they require. The general rule for what most schools require is:
    • 2 science professors that have had you in class
    • 1 non-science professor that has had you in class
    • 1-2 other, non-academic letters that can speak to your work ethic, interest in health care, character or dedication to serving others (among other things). This is a general rule though, and can vary, so be sure to check into your schools.
  3. Drop off your completed packet in the CHS Dean’s Office, Schroeder Complex 244 before you distribute to letter writers. After it is reviewed, you will be responsible for distributing that packet to each recommender via email or hard copy. Remember to send each recommender their own copy of the cover form and LOR packet.
  4. Keep in mind that letters of recommendation are NOT part of the primary application and that you can submit your primary AADSAS, AMCAS, AACOMAS or other application without letters. Give your recommenders plenty of time, but don’t worry if the letters are not in when you submit your primary application in June (for medical and dental schools; may be later for other programs).
  5. Once you have completed your letter packet and sent it out to your recommenders, you will also need to do the following:
    • AMCAS
      • Students applying through AMCAS should print off an official letter request form from your AMCAS application. It’s a matching form. Be sure to submit the official AMCAS letter request form to Laurie Goll (email, regular mail or drop off in Schroeder Complex, Room 244).
    • AADSAS
      • Students applying through AADSAS will enter Laurie Goll's information on the AADSAS application, and she will receive an email prompt from AADSAS. Be sure to click “electronic” and “committee” in AADSAS.
      • Students applying through AACOMAS need to email Laurie Goll the addresses for the schools to which they are applying. AACOMAS does not collect letters. We send your completed letter packet directly to the schools.
  6. Continue to monitor your status on AADSAS, AMCAS and AACOMAS. Feel free to touch base with Laurie Goll, CHS pre-health adviser, if you have any questions or concerns.