Secondary Applications

Are secondary applications the same for each school?

No, secondary applications are different for each school. For dental schools, not all schools have a supplemental or secondary application.

Pre-dental students should visit the AADSAS Supplemental School Information to search schools individually. Some dental schools want applicants to send supplemental information and a fee after the AADSAS application is complete, and some want applicants to wait for an invitation.

Many medical schools will send a secondary application to all students who complete the AMCAS or AACOMAS applications. Secondary applications can be sent via email or regular mail, and students should be sure to check the school’s website for more information. Be sure to check your junk mail regularly because invitations can sometimes accidentally get filtered there. Every school is different, and some schools may request an additional set of transcripts to be sent directly to the school or may request a certification from the dean of Student Development (AMU, room 329) that the applicant is in good standing. Be sure to read secondary applications thoroughly and take time to complete the applications and essays. Don’t just cut and paste from your primary application.

Other programs vary, and applicants need to check the application service and school websites carefully.

When I am offered an invitation to interview, can I wait to schedule it?

No, no and no! Once you are offered an interview, you should contact the school right away to schedule your interview. Slots fill up very quickly.

How can I prepare for my interview?

We have many resources available to you at Marquette University and in the College of Health Sciences. First, do your research on the school to which you have been invited. What is their mission? What are they proud of? What do they have that appeals to you? It’s important to really know things about the school specifically.

We recommend that you do two mock interviews. The first should be with Laurie Goll, the College of Health Sciences' pre-health professions adviser. This is usually an informal mock interview, and she will go through some basic questions with you and help you evaluate the substance and content of your answers. Then we recommend that you visit Career Services in Holthusen Hall for a more formal interview, during which you will wear your interview attire. You can call Career Services at (414) 288-7423 to schedule a mock interview.

For pre-PA students, we host a mock interview night in the fall semester for those students who applied to Marquette’s PA program. You can contact Laurie Goll for more information and dates.

Do I need to respond to optional essays on the secondary application?

Usually, yes. Optional essays are a great way to give the professional schools as much information as you can about yourself.

How should I respond when a school asks, “Why are you applying to our medical school?”

Be specific. Don’t just say you like the location or the reputation. Those are fine general reasons, but schools also want to know that you’ve really done your research and looked at their website, talked to people who know about the program, and applied because you really see yourself there and are able to add to the incoming class.