Core Honors Curriculum Fall 2017 and Before

For students entering Marquette fall 2017 and before

To graduate with Core Honors, students must achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.2 and complete 28 Honors credits through a variety of course options. Core Honors comprises 8 University Core courses (24 credits) plus 3 Honors seminars (4 credits), mostly completed in students’ first two years of study. In their first year, all Core Honors students take paired sections of Honors Literature and Composition (English 1301H) and Honors Human Nature (Philosophy 1001H) in the fall semester, and paired sections of The World and the West (History 2001H) and Honors Ethics (Philosophy 2310H) in the spring semester. All Honors students are also required to take Honors Introduction to Theology (Theology 1001H), preferably in their first two years. Students choose the remaining 3 regular Core Honors courses (9 credits) from a menu, below (there is no limit to the number of courses that may be chosen from the menu, although 3 are required for completion of Core Honors). Core Honors students also take the Introduction to Honors seminar (HOPR 1953, 1 credit, pass/fail) their first semester. They take their Honors Upper-Level seminar (HOPR 2953, 2 credits, pass/fail) any semester after the first year, and their Honors Capstone seminar (HOPR 3957, 1 credit, pass/fail) preferably in their junior year.

NOTE: If you started the Honors Program in Fall 2015, you will follow the previous Honors Core. Please see Amelia Zurcher or Maria Cooper for questions about the Honors Curriculum for students entering fall 2015 or before.

CORE Honors UCCS Courses

5 required

  1. English 1301H (Honors English 1)
  2. Philosophy 1001H (Honors Philosophy of Human Nature)
  3. History 2001H (Honors History: The World and the West)
  4. PHIL 2310H (Honors Theory of Ethics)
  5. Theology 1001H (Honors Intro to Theology)

Choose at least 3 more from Core Honors Menu:

  1. Biology 1001H (Honors Intro to Biology 1)
  2. Biology 1002H (Honors Intro to Biology 2)
  3. Chemistry 1001H (Honors Intro to Chemistry 1)
  4. Chemistry 1002H (Honors Intro to Chemistry 2)
  5. Chemistry 1013H (Honors General Chemistry for Majors 1)
  6. Chemistry 1014H (Honors General Chemistry for Majors 2)
  7. English 1302H (Honors Literature)
  8. PHYS 1003H (Honors General Physics with Intro Calculus 1)
  9. PHYS 1004H (Honors General Physics with Intro Calculus 2)
  10. Physics 1013H (Honors Physics with Calculus 1)
  11. Physics 1014H (Honors Physics with Calculus 2)
  12. Political Science 2201H (Honors American Politics)
  13. Political Science 2401H (Honors Comparative Politics)
  14. PSYC 2001H/MATH 1700H/SOCI 2060H (Honors Psychology, Math, and Social Statistics)
  15. Psychology 2050H (Honors Psychology Research Methods for Majors)
  16. SPAN 3210 Honors Hispanic Cultures and Literatures in English
  17. Honors Upper Level Theology, variable course number

*There is no limit to the number of different Core Honors departmental courses a student may take.

Core Honors Seminars

  1. HOPR 1953H (Intro to Honors), 1 cr, s/u
  2. HOPR 2953H (Honors Upper Level Seminar:Theory & Practice), 2 cr, s/u
  3. HOPR 3957H (Honors Capstone Seminar), 1 cr, s/u


Year 1


Required: Paired sections of ENGL 1301H and PHIL 1001H

Required: HOPR 1953H

THEO 1001H and/or courses from the Core Honors Menu may also be taken as desired.


Required: Paired sections of HIST 2001H and PHIL 2310H

THEO 1001H (if not already taken) and courses from the Core Honors Menu may also be taken if desired.

Year 2

THEO 1001H (if not already taken), HOPR 2953H, and courses from the Core Honors Menu may be taken as desired.

Year 3

Required: HOPR 3957H, either semester*

HOPR 2953H (if not already taken) and courses from the Core Honors Menu may be taken as desired.

Year 4

HOPR 2953H (if not already taken) and courses from the Core Honors Menu may be taken as desired.

*Students whose non-Honors curriculum makes it impossible to fit HOPR 3957 into their junior year may petition Honors to take HOPR 3957 their senior year.


Honors students' academic careers will be reviewed in December of their sophomore and junior years in accordance with the UHP Academic Progress Policy.


A note about English requirements for the University Core of Common Studies: The UCCS requires 6 credits of Rhetoric and 3 credits of Literature and Performing Arts (LPA). Honors students do not take English 1001 or 1002; all Honors students take English 1301H instead, and have the option to take 1302H as part of the Core Honors Menu. English 1301H (Honors English 1) satisfies 3 Rhetoric credits, and English 1302H (Honors English 2) satisfies 3 LPA credits. Students who enter Marquette with AP, IB, or college credit for English 1001 have completed all 6 Rhetoric credits and 3 LPA credits when they have completed English 1301H and 1302H. In order to fulfill their other 3 Rhetoric credits, students who enter Marquette without credit for English 1001 must take one additional 3-credit graded writing course, from a from a list maintained by the University Honors Program.