Study Abroad Scholarships

Call for Honors Study-Abroad Scholarships, Spring 2019

Honors Study-Abroad Scholarships spring 2019

The University Honors Program will be awarding study-abroad scholarships of $1500 each to two Core Honors students on Marquette-approved study-abroad programs of at least 4 weeks’ duration during spring semester 2019. Awards will be made based on the quality of the student’s academic record and the significance of the study-abroad program to his or her curriculum and academic and professional goals.

To apply, please email to name, college, major(s) and minor(s), year of graduation, study-abroad program (official OIE name), and 2-3 paragraphs answering the following questions: How does this study-abroad program fit into your program of study? How does it advance your academic and professional goals? The faculty review committee will also consider applicants’ transcripts (Honors can supply these; you do not need to include them in your email). All emailed applications will be acknowledged; please inquire if you do not receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours.  Applications are due by Thursday, October 1, at the end of the day (the same day that study-abroad applications are due to OIE). Contact with any questions.


 Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowships for Summer 2019

The University Honors Program will offer 20 undergraduate summer research fellowships to Honors students, in the amount of $3500 each, on a competitive basis for research to be performed June-August 2017. In most cases the research should be performed on Marquette’s campus. To be eligible for the stipends, which will be paid in lump sums at the beginning of the summer and can be used for any kind of cost, from materials to travel to rent, all students must have faculty mentors who agree to supervise their projects. Research in the Health Sciences or Biological Sciences Summer Research Programs (or other summer research programs at Marquette) is appropriate for these stipends.

All applications will be reviewed by a panel of faculty with representation from the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. The Honors Program has access to applicants’ transcripts, which will be consulted during review of applications.

Acceptance of the funding acknowledges your agreement to present your independent research at the Honors Program Research Fair to be scheduled in the 2017 fall semester. Participation in this Research Fair is required for all fellowship winners.

Applications are due Friday, March 24 by 5:00 pm.

If you’d like to be considered for an Honors summer research stipend, please submit the following electronically to by Friday, March 24.

  • A 1-2 page, single-spaced description of your research project with the following information. The student may consult with the faculty mentor about the description, but the description should be written by the student her- or himself. 
    • Name and college/major, project title, and faculty advisor’s name.
    • Project Goal(s) or Aim(s): Provide a statement of your research question(s) or a description of what you intend to discover, create, or invent.
    • Project Background and Significance: Provide an introduction that lays the framework for the research and describes why it is important and creates new knowledge. Use scholarly references to briefly review the research that has led to this study.
    • Methods: Describe the steps you will take to complete your project and explain why each step is necessary. Methods differ from project to project. They may include conducting laboratory experiments, fielding surveys, interviewing key informants, analyzing critical texts or artifacts, viewing related performances, or traveling to specific field locations or archives. Include a brief timeline for completing your project during the summer.
    • References: Include a reference list in the citation format appropriate to the field of study.  It does not count in the page limit.
  • Student’s current curriculum vita (CV)
  • Statement of support from faculty mentor (this may be submitted with the materials above, or may be emailed separately). This statement should(1.) signify faculty approval for the student to engage in the research under the faculty member’s guidance and (2.) describe the significance of the project for the student and how it relates to the faculty member’s own work.

    Note: preference will be given to students who have not already won Honors summer research fellowships, but it is possible to win one twice. Marquette does not double-fund undergraduate research, so if you have already accepted another summer fellowship for your proposed research, you will not be eligible for Honors funding.