Honors Undergraduate Research

The University Honors Program offers undergraduate summer research fellowships to Honors students on a competitive basis for research to be performed from June to August of the summer after the sophomore or junior year.  In most cases the research is performed on Marquette’s campus. To be eligible for the stipends, all students must have faculty mentors who agree to supervise their projects.  All applications are reviewed by a panel of faculty with representation from the humanities, sciences, and social sciences.  Award winners then present their independent research at the Honors Program Research Symposium in the fall semester. 

Summer 2018 Award Recipients

  • Corrine Conway, New Orleans Voodoo: A Misunderstood Religion and the Importance of Self Definition
    Arts & Sciences, Anthropology, Faculty mentor Stephen Molvarec
  • Annabel Engelhardt, The Impact of Remifentanil Self-Administration of Affective Behavior and Cognitive Function
    Health Sciences, Biomedical Sciences; minor in Environmental Studies; Faculty mentor Matthew Hearing  

  • Nate Fischer, Characterizing Epidermal Expression of drd in Drosophila melanogaster
    Arts & Sciences, Biological Sciences and Philosophy; Faculty mentor Edward Blumenthal
  • John Godfrey, A Necessary Negotiation: Researching Dueling Expertise in Interdisciplinary Writing Conferences
    Arts & Sciences, Writing Intensive English; Faculty mentor Rebecca Nowacek
  • Carlos Gonzalez, The Role of lin-15B on the Expression of Germline Gene LIN-35 in C. elegans
    Engineering, Biomedical major; Arts & Sciences, Biological Sciences minor; Faculty mentor Lisa Petrella
  • Andrew Himmelberg, Unearthing Easter in Laois: Provincializing the 1916 Easter Rising
    Arts & Sciences, History and Philosophy; Faculty mentor Tim McMahon
  • Jack Hodes, Alzheimer’s “Prevention” vs. “Risk Reduction": Transcending Semantics for Clinical Practice Arts & Sciences
    Arts & Sciences, Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience; Faculty mentor Richard Isaacson, New York
  • Megan Matre, Using Brain Stimulation to Prevent Opioid Relapse
    Health Sciences, Biomedical Sciences and Arts & Sciences, Spanish for the Health Professions; Faculty mentor Matthew Hearing
  • Mitchell Oddo, Autophagy’s Role on Prion Stability
    Arts & Sciences, Biological Sciences and Environmental Studies; Faculty mentor Anita Manogaran
  • Becca Schaps, The Role of the Basolateral Amygdala Involvement in the Stress-Induced Escalation of Drug Use in an Addiction Model
    Health Sciences, Biomedical Sciences; Faculty mentor John Mantsch
  • Rebecca Schulte, Wisconsin Statewide Assessment of Staphylococcus aureus Antibiotic Resistance Patterns
    Health Sciences, Clinical Laboratory Sciences; Faculty mentor Erik Munson
  • Katherine Stein, Historical Fiction in the Twenty-First Century: Ethics, Origins, and Responsibilities
    Arts & Sciences, English Literature and History; Faculty mentor Leah Flack