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Compensation Philosophy and Resources

As part of Human Resources, the Marquette University Compensation Program is based on the Total Compensation Philosophy. The philosophy statement is based on being mission-driven, internally equitable and externally competitive, performance-based, valid and reliable, and consistent. Our total compensation system is designed to encourage consistent administration of pay practices across the entire organization.

Our objectives are to develop, evaluate, and advise University staff on activities associated with job analysis, position classification, compensation policies, practices and salary structures. We will partner with managers and department administrators to meet their compensation needs by accomplishing the following:

In order to maintain program integrity, Position and Compensation Procedures have been developed to outline the process for creating new positions, promotions, title changes, movements within and between bands, and requesting job re-evaluations.

Questions about the Compensation Program can be directed to Jennifer Burns, Director of Compensation, at extension 8-7935.

Job Analysis of College and/or Department (non-faculty) Positions

Job analysis of non-faculty positions across campus are conducted routinely by Human Resources to ensure we are in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The FLSA distinguishes exempt and non-exempt positions and explains compensable time, including pay for overtime, rest/meal periods, training, on-call time, and travel time. The University’s pay practices and procedures are governed by the FLSA, its amendments, and regulations.

As part of the job analysis process, an employee may be asked to complete a Position Evaluation Questionnaire (PEQ) and/or update your job description. Due to the development of job responsibilities and the number of different positions on campus, many of our job descriptions have not been reviewed and updated recently. An updated and accurate job description will help us as a tool for determining salary levels, conducting performance reviews, establishing titles and pay grades, as well as for career planning and legal requirements for compliance purposes. It will also give you a very clear and concise resource to be used as a guide for job performance.

A job analysis may be conducted at the request of the department and/or college or by our own internal audit of positions. The job analysis process entails evaluating the job description, one-on-one meeting with the incumbent and supervisor, and overall review of the position in comparison to others across the University and externally. We may also seek the assistance of an outside consultant for further evaluation.

Our job analysis determination is not made based on employee ­performance, value to the organization, individual strengths or talents or any other internal motivation. A possible classification change will be based on our review of the job (not the individual) since we must be in compliance with the Department of Labor & the FLSA. Please contact the Department of Human Resources with any questions at 288-7305.




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