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All non-student full-time regular and non-student full-time temporary employees with a minimum of a one-year contract are eligible for coverage.

Coverage for eligible employees becomes effective their date of hire and are not subject to medical underwriting provided the long-term disability enrollment card is completed within 30 calendar days of your date of hire and you are actively at work. Eligible employees who wish to enroll after the 31st day of employment must undergo medical underwriting and Northwestern Mutual will approve or deny coverage.


When an employee becomes totally disabled due to sickness and/or injury beginning after 180 days of continued disability, the covered employee can receive a benefit up to 65% of their basic monthly salary to a maximum of $12,000. Northwestern Mutual will process the employee’s claim for long-term disability and will approve or deny coverage. If the employee is an active participant, prior to the sickness and/or injury, of the Marquette University Match (5% contribution from the employee and 8% from Marquette), Marquette University will pay the complete 13% of tax deferred monies toward the retirement plan.

If total disability commences at age 61 or younger, the maximum benefit is allowed until Social Security Normal Retirement Age. If total disability commences after age 62, a special duration of benefits provision applies which will continue benefits on a scheduled basis.

Age Maximum Benefit Period
61 or younger To Social Security Normal Retirement Age
62 3 years and 6 months*
63 3 years*
64 2 years and 6 months*
65 2 years
66 1 year and 9 months
67 1 year and 6 months
68 1 year and 3 months
69 and over 1 year

* Or to Social Security Normal Retirement Age, whichever is longer.
See Summary Plan Description for more information.

When you are totally disabled, determined by Northwestern Mutual, the 65% of basic monthly salary you will receive will be combined with income you receive from certain other sources*. If the combined income exceeds the 65% or maximum dollar limit shown above, the benefit from this plan will be reduced to bring the total income amount back to the allowable 65% amount.

*Other income sources that MAY result in benefit reductions are, but not limited to:


The University contributes 50% of total monthly premium with the employee paying the other 50%. Premiums are based upon salary and are deducted on an after-tax monthly/bi-weekly payroll deduction basis.


The detail of the long-term disability plan is contained in the official Plan document. This site is meant to only cover highlights of the long-term disability benefit. It does not contain all of the details that are included in the Summary Plan Description (SPD) (as described by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act). If there is ever a question about this plan, or if there is a conflict between the information on this site and the formal language of the Plan documents, the formal wording in the Plan documents will govern. Please note that the benefits described on this site may be changed at any time and do not represent a contractual obligation on the part of Marquette University.





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