All regular, full-time employees (those who work a minimum of 37.5 hours per week on a nine-twelve month annual basis) and full-time limited term employees (who have at least a one year appointment) are eligible. Regular part-time employees can enroll in health insurance, but must pay the full premium on a payroll deduction basis.








30 day supply 30 day supply 30 day supply
Mail Order 90 day supply 90 day supply 90 day supply
Your deductible

Included with medical deductible

Included with medical deductible

Included with medical deductible

Your coinsurance
Formulary Brand
Nonformulary Brand

You pay




You pay




You pay




Your out of pocket maximum


Included with medical deductible


Included with medical deductible


Included with medical deductible

If you enrolled in one of Marquette University’s medical plans, Navitus Health Solutions will manage your prescription drug coverage.

you can go online to find information specific to your plan. Your formulary, pharmacy search tool, cost compare tool and other information about your pharmacy benefit can be found on the Navi-Gate® for Members portal. To begin, use your Navitus pharmacy benefit ID number. It is a combination of the Member ID followed by your two digit person code found on your Medical ID card (ex. 1871353900).

Med ID

This portal can be found at Click ‘Click here for new registrations’ and complete your demographic information as well as create a username and password. If you have questions, or need assistance with registration, please call Navitus Customer Care. They can be reached toll-free at 866-333-2757.



Compare prices and locate pharmacies using Navitus' Cost Compare Tool.

Are you looking for ways to pay the lowest cost for your medications? Navitus can help. Prescription medication prices often vary between pharmacies. To help you compare prescriptions costs and choose the best price at the best location, Navitus now offers Cost Compare.

The Cost Compare tool is available via the Navi-Gate® for Members portal on

This new tool can help you:

• Identify lower cost alternatives

• See suggested alternatives to your prescribed drugs

• Find participating network pharmacies

By entering information such as your city and state or zip code, the name and strength of your prescribed drug, and other preferences, the Cost Compare tool will provide results that allow you to compare prices and save on your prescriptions.

Cost Compare is available on any device, anywhere, anytime, and at no additional cost.

You can access Cost Compare from your Navi-Gate® for Members portal at



Navitus Health Solutions partners with NoviXus Pharmacy Services to offer mail order services. Drugs available through mail order include prescriptions covered as part of your pharmacy benefit. Mail order service is recommended for maintenance (long term) drugs only.

Once you've received your first prescription via mail order, refills can be ordered using any of the following methods:

Refill orders should be placed three weeks prior to when the medication will be needed. NoviXus will not automatically refill your prescriptions.




Mandated Affordable Care Act Prescription Coverage Requirements:
Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, the Affordable Care Act requires that all employers must provide access to FDA-approved contraceptive methods for women. Like many religiously affiliated institutions nationwide, Marquette has been granted a religious accommodation, which means that Marquette’s health benefits plan and prescription coverage will not change. As of Jan. 1, 2014, to comply with the Affordable Care Act requirement, our third-party administrator for prescription drug coverage, Navitus will administer and pay for mandated prescription coverage for contraception methods that the university’s health benefits plan does not cover.

This update affects all female employees of a reproductive age, as defined by the Affordable Care Act, who utilize the university’s medical benefits plan, as well as all employees utilizing Marquette’s health benefits plan who have a woman of reproductive age listed as a beneficiary of their plan.

This process is being used by Marquette to ensure the university is not administering, overseeing or paying for any of the mandated prescription contraceptive methods that were not previously part of its health benefits plan and are now required to be provided under the Affordable Care Act.


The detail of the prescription benefit is contained in the official Plan document. This site is meant to only cover highlights of the prescription benefit. It does not contain all of the details that are included in the Summary Plan Description (SPD) (as described by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act). If there is ever a question about this plan, or if there is a conflict between the information on this site and the formal language of the Plan documents, the formal wording in the Plan documents will govern. Please note that the benefits described on this site may be changed at any time and do not represent a contractual obligation on the part of Marquette University.





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