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Sick Time for Non-Exempt (Hourly)

The university offers a sick time to all full-time and part-time non-exempt employees. This leave is administered in accordance with federal and state laws and may be with or without pay.

Full-time and part-time benefit eligible non-exempt employees who are scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week on a regular basis are eligible to accrue and utilize sick leave. Medical documentation is required on the fourth consecutive absence. Sick leaves of less than four days normally require no medical verification unless the employee has a documented history of excessive absenteeism.

Earned and accrued sick leave may be used for legitimate doctor or dentist’s appointments with advanced supervisory approval. In no case may such appointment exceed four hours of sick time for any one absence. Satisfactory documentation of the appointment must be provided upon request.

Sick time will be deducted from the employee’s earned accumulated balance in quarter hour increments. Sick days taken during the first three months of employment, however, will not be paid. Upon termination, unused sick leave may not be used as necessary notice for resignation nor will unused sick time be paid.

Hourly employees accrue sick time at the rate of one day per month and will appear on the paycheck stub.

Sick Time for Exempt (Monthly)

Exempt employees are covered under the university’s short-term disability benefits for absences of more than four consecutive days due to illness or injury.




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