Marquette University's retirement 403(b) plan is through TIAA, with both, a tax-deferred plan as well as an after tax plan designed to help eligible employees save for retirement.

For detailed information, visit www.tiaa-cref.org/marquette or call TIAA at 1-800-842-2252.

TIAA One-on-One Counseling Sessions

You can receive personalized retirement investment advice either over the phone or in person at no additional cost to you.

To schedule a session with a TIAA Financial Consultant, call 1-800-732-8353.

Click to see a schedule for the current month.


Match Retirement Annuity

Per the University announcement on June 22, 2020, the employer matching contribution to Marquette's 403(b) retirement plan will be suspended for the fiscal year 2021.  HR has compiled some frequently asked questions regarding the change.


The Match Retirement Annuity is available to employees working 1,000 or more hours per year, have two years of service, and are age 21 or older. TIAA 403(b) Marquette match is offered first of the month following two years of employment whereby the employee contributes 5% of gross salary and Marquette will contribute 8% of gross salary. (Subject to IRS maximums.)

If you worked for another university or nonprofit research institution within the two years prior to your employment at Marquette, you might be eligible to waive all or a portion of the two year waiting period. Please complete the Past Service Record. PDF Icon

Non-Matchable Retirement Plan

This is a voluntary contribution. The non-matchable retirement plan is available to all
staff and faculty. Enrollment is the first of the month
following your date of hire.

Choose your investment elections by enrolling online at www.tiaa-cref.org/marquette or call TIAA at 1-800-842-2252.




IRS Contribution Limits
Under age 50
Over age 50

In 2020, the IRS lets you contribute up to $19,500, and if you are 50 or older you can contribute up to $26,000.

You may be eligible for the "15 year rule."

Do you have 15 years or more of continuous service with Marquette University? You may be able to contribute even more - up to $3,000 per year, or up to $15,000 if you are 50 or older.

To see if you are eligible for the IRS 15 year rule, call a TIAA financial consultant at 1-800-842-2252, weekdays, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., or Saturdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.



If you previously had a retirement account established by a different employer, you will need to create a new (TIAA) account with Marquette University. Your access code will be 101312. Click here to get started.

To roll your old retirement account funds into your new one, Call TIAA at 1-800-842-2776 to initiate the transfer of funds.



Your TIAA 403(b) is 100% vested.



The detail of the TIAA retirement plan is contained in the official Plan document. This site is meant to only cover highlights of the TIAA benefit. It does not contain all of the details that are included in the Summary Plan Description (SPD) (as described by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act). If there is ever a question about this plan, or if there is a conflict between the information on this site and the formal language of the Plan documents, the formal wording in the Plan documents will govern. Please note that the benefits described on this site may be changed at any time and do not represent a contractual obligation on the part of Marquette University.





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