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Q: How do I create a User Account on Employment@Marquette?

Answer: Begin at the Hiring Manager’s site at: In the upper left hand corner, click on Create User Account, enter your Emarq/CheckMarq username and the other requested information, and then submit it for approval. Once Human Resources has approved your account, you will be notified via email.

Q: Where can I find detailed instructions on how to create my requisition (authorization to recruit)?

Answer: Once you’ve created your Employment@Marquette user account, log into the Hiring Manager’s site at: There are a number of tutorial videos available to you in the Hiring Manager's Portal.

Q: How do I begin creating an online requisition (authorization to recruit)?

Answer: You may begin creating your requisition by selecting Create Requisition - From Template. If the site does not contain an existing template for your position, you will need to email the job description to Jennifer Burns. You will receive an email when the template is ready. All faculty templates are already available in the system.

Q: When will my position be posted?

Answer: Once the online requisition (authorization to recruit) has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate department head, Budget, and Human Resources, it will be posted by Human Resources. You will receive an email confirmation when the position is approved and active on Employment@Marquette website.

Q: How long can my position be posted?

Answer: The minimum posting period is seven days. At any time after the seven day posting period, you may choose to close the position by logging into the Hiring Manager’s site, by changing the posting status to Close/Remove from Web. If you chose a specific end date when you created the requisition, the posting will be automatically removed on the specified date. Once the position is closed, it can no longer be viewed by applicants.

Q: When can I begin changing applicant statuses?

Answer: You may begin changing applicant statuses immediately.

Q: What status will the applicants see?

Answer: Applicants will only see a status of “In Progress” until the position is filled. Once the position is filled, applicants will see a status of “Filled.” Candidates can NOT see the applicant statuses used for internal screening purposes.

Q: When can I begin interviewing candidates?

Answer: You can begin interviewing immediately; however, you cannot make an offer to hire until after the seven day minimum posting period has passed. Every effort should be made to give internal candidates preference in the hiring process, provided that internal candidates have appropriate qualifications. When the internal candidate has the qualifications for the position or can meet requirements with reasonable on-the-job training, the hiring manager is expected to interview the candidate. For more information, please view University Policies & Procedures 4-05:

Q: Do applicants receive an email confirmation or do candidates need to be sent an acknowledgement letter?

Answer: Candidates receive a confirmation number and an email confirmation message upon successful completion of their application.

Q: What applicant status should I select for candidates to be interviewed?

Answer: Applicants selected for interview should have their status changed from “Under Review by Manager” to “Interview Pending.”

Q: What applicant status should I select for candidates not chosen for interview?

Answer: Applicants that do not meet the minimum requirements or have not been selected for interview should be listed as “Department Detd Did Not Meet Min Quals.” You must also choose an appropriate “Selection Reason” for each candidate not selected for interview. The options are: “Less relevant skills,” “Less relevant experience,” “Less relevant education,” “Salary Range,” or “Other.”

Q: How do I designate candidates who were interviewed but not selected for hire?

Answer: Applicants who have been interviewed but not selected for hire should be changed from “Interview Pending” to “Interviewed/Not Hired.” You must also choose an appropriate Selection Reason: “Less relevant skills,” “Less relevant experience,” “Less relevant education,” “Salary Range,” or “Other.”

Q: What steps need to be taken when a final candidate is selected for hire?

Answer: After the candidate has accepted the offer, you will need to complete the online confirmation for those new hires that are not a current Marquette employee through MyJob. If the candidate is a current employee, submit the salary authorization form. Also, in the online applicant system, Employment@MU, candidates should be changed by the department to “Recommended for Hire.” If you have not done so already, make sure all remaining candidates are marked either, "Interviewed/Not Hired" or "Department Determined Not Best Match" so that HR will be able to close out the online serch process. Please note, references must be completed prior to making the job offer.

Q: What steps need to be taken to complete the online search process?

Answer: All applicants should have one of three appropriate statuses selected: “Department Detd Did Not Meet Min Quals,” “Interviewed/Not Hired,” or “Recommended for Hire.”

For other questions regarding the Employment@MU system, please contact Liz Sides, Lisa Ploszaj, or Courtney King.




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