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If you anticipate retiring when you are less than 65 years of age the following information might be useful for your situation.

Social Security and Medicare

When will my Marquette University employee insurance terminate?

Your Marquette University health, dental, and vision insurance will run through the end of the month in which you retire. In other words, if you retire January 18 then your insurance will run through January 31. Therefore any alternate coverage or Medicare should be effective the first of the month following your last date in coverage. In the example given, this retiree should have their alternative coverage or Medicare effective February 1.

If you are participating in health, dental, and/or vision insurance you will receive a packet of information about COBRA from the Employee Benefits Corporation. COBRA coverage is at your cost and can be continued for up to 18 months following your retirement date.


Do I have any other health, dental, or vision insurance options offered by Marquette University?

Marquette University will offer retirees under age 65 the option to continue health, dental, and/or vision insurance, at your cost, until the last day of the month prior to the first day you are eligible for Medicare. For example if you will turn age 65 on February 2, then you could continue retiree insurance through Marquette University through January 31 and Medicare would take effect February 1. (Please note that Medicare has its own enrollment procedures. Contact a Social Security Administration office for more information.)





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