Compensable Factors

Compensable factors were identified for the evaluation and pay band classification of positions and weighted to reflect Marquette's mission and values:

  • Education: Minimum level of education or formal training required
  • Work Experience: Minimum level of related work experience
  • Job Complexity: evaluates the complexity of duties and the extent to which the duties are standardized vs. non-standardized
  • Decision Making: evaluates the frequency and authority of decision making
  • Impact of Decisions: evaluates the impact of a job's decisions and probable consequences of errors
  • Contacts: evaluates the type, variety and purpose of work contacts
  • Technological proficiency: evaluates the degree of technical skill necessary to successfully and competently perform the job
  • Supervision exercised: evaluates the extent to which the job incumbent is required to explain, direct, prioritize, monitor, guide or perform traditional supervisory duties for others
  • Confidential information: evaluates the degree to which a job is required to handle confidential information
  • Working conditions: evaluates the frequency/exposure type to which a job involves exposure to conditions that tend to be hazardous/undesirable

These compensable factors help identify whether a position is exempt or non-exempt.