Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Current Employees

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How do I apply for a vacant opening?

Current employees may apply by completing an online application for a specific opening at our careers site at: (Note: You must be in your current position for at least six months, unless the position is in your current department.)

Where do I find information on pay band structures?

As an employee, what should I do to prepare to participate in my review?

Employees can attend training sessions on how to participate in the review process. The sessions give employees an understanding of how to document their contributions and establish goals.

What should I do if I disagree with my review?

First, you should speak with your supervisor to try to resolve the issues. If necessary, you may then speak with the senior manager in the Department. You may also attach a written statement to your review that will become a part of your personnel record. The Department of Human Resources is always available to help you try to resolve such issues.

People in my department continue to get campus mail after they have resigned. How do I have them removed from the mailing list?

Employees are not on a 'mailing list.' An address list for a mailing is always newly generated from the active employee database. If an employee resigns, he or she will be automatically removed from the active employee database based on the submitted termination form, but only after their last paycheck. In some cases, this can be literally a month or two. Likewise, if an online termination has not been received, mail will continue to be generated. Questions on this process can be sent to

Can I review my Employment Record?

Yes, two times a year. Please call the Department of Human Resources to set up an appointment with a human resources manager. A manager will review your file with you to explain any documents that are unfamiliar to you.