Organizational Strategy and Development

Beyond Boundaries: Marquette’s Strategic Plan

Grounded by our Guiding Values and inextricably tied to the university’s mission and vision, Beyond Boundaries sets in motion a clear strategy for Marquette’s future — where we want to be, how we will get there and what we can do to go further, to Be The Difference for our students.

The Beyond Boundaries strategic plan is an integrated, actionable plan built around six themes. Together, those themes set the course for Marquette to be recognized among the most innovative and accomplished Catholic, Jesuit universities in the world.

Organizational Development

To ensure the goals of Beyond Boundaries are achieved, Organizational Development practices help guide choices on how to proceed, providing a larger vision that extends beyond the individual, prompting dialogue that contributes to change and employee engagement.

Organizational development is defined by Donald L. Anderson, Ph.D., as the process of increasing organizational effectiveness and facilitating personal and organizational change through the use of interventions driven by social and behavioral science knowledge. It is guided by six humanistic core values (Margulies and Raia, 1972).

  • Providing opportunities for people to function as human beings rather than as resources in productive process.
  • Providing opportunities for each organization member, as well as for the organization itself, to develop to its fullest potential.
  • Seeking to increase the effectiveness of the organization in terms of all of its goals.
  • Attempting to create an environment where it is possible to find exciting and challenging work.
  • Providing opportunities for people in organizations to influence the way in which they relate to work, the organization, and the environment.
  • Treating each human being as a person with a complex set of needs, all of which are important in their work and their life.

In the video below, Dr. Michael Dante, director of the Faber Center for Ignatian Spirituality and Wendy Butler, director of Organizational Development, discuss the connection between Ignatian Spirituality and the humanistic core values of organizational development.