Professional Development

GROW With Marquette

All GROW classes are free to Marquette employees and retirees. These classes are specifically designed to aid in your professional development, provide tips for leading effective teams and meetings, and Marquette-specific courses on Ignatian spirituality, Benefits and Wellness and Media and Software training.

GROW registration is done through EventBrite. The event code to register for all classes is GROW. Courses with fewer than 10 registrants may be cancelled, therefore, it’s important you register online and cancel your reservation in EventBrite if you are unable to attend.

 If you need assistance, please email or call 414-288-7305.

If you have a suggestion for a GROW with Marquette session, or if you have a proposal for a class you would like to offer through the program, please contact us at:

Thank you to all the individuals who have recently given of their time and talent to the Grow with Marquette program.

On-Demand Training: Academic Impressions

Academic Impressions provides leadership, personal development, and skills-based training opportunities to faculty and staff in higher ed. Marquette has a campus-wide membership. Access these resources by creating an account using your Marquette email address.

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Focused Learning Plans: Certificate of Completion

Each learning plan includes a set of questions that help you reflect on what you've learned and begin to think of ways to apply it. Access the training and the questions from a single PDF to track progress and your notes. Each plan requires 2 to 3 hours of work and when finished, you can submit for a certificate of completion. Topics include:

  • Improving Your Meetings
  • Leveraging Team Performance
  • Understanding Teams in Higher Ed
  • Improving the Effectiveness of Your Decision Making
  • Leading More Inclusively
  • Managing Conflict as a Leader
  • Understanding Strengths-Based Leadership
  • Supervision and Feedback
  • Identifying Talent
  • Creative Problem Solving in Higher Ed
  • Building Resilience
  • Developing Better Time Management
  • Working with Introverts
  • Managing Difficult Colleagues

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The Meeting Diagnostic Tool (MDT)

Assess the effectiveness of your regular meetings and identify the specific factors that either help or hinder your meetings. This tool looks at four critical elements that either make or break a meeting:

  1. Discipline and Focus
  2. Participation and Engagement
  3. Group Dynamics
  4. Practices and Protocols

Use this tool with your team or group that has regular face-to-face meetings on an ongoing basis (e.g. weekly, bi-weekly). Although the MDT is designed to evaluate face-to-face meetings, it has also been successfully used with video conferences/online meetings.

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The High Performance Teams Survey

Is your team performing to its fullest potential? The High Performing Teams Survey is based on a research-informed team effectiveness model that Academic Impressions has developed specifically for higher education. This model values collaborative decision making, transparency, accountability and mutual support, and team learning.

The booklet you receive includes:

  • A model and framework for understanding the six components of team effectiveness
  • A review of the research on effective teams
  • A tested and proven survey instrument, with worksheets and tools for scoring the findings
  • Instructions for conducting an in-depth item analysis and benchmarking your team's improvement over time

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Time Management: Focusing on Your Priorities and Purpose

  • Identify and focus on your purpose and top priorities in order to move towards greater effectiveness
  • Define goals that drive you toward achieving your purpose without overwhelming you
  • Create and manage a schedule that allows you to accomplish your most important work first
  • Protect your schedule and stay accountable to your top priorities when distractions and derailments inevitably arise 
    • Nine lessons covered in just over 1 hour of video content
    • 16 hands-on activities allowing you to practice and hone your time management skills
    • Bite-sized lessons with course content that is broken down into chunks of no more than 20 minutes
    • Access the course from wherever you are
    • Progress on your own time and at your own pace 

Access the course here.

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  Leadership Development Program

We know that good leadership makes a profound difference on organizational performance. To meet the goals of Beyond Boundaries and to be recognized among the most innovative and accomplished Catholic, Jesuit universities in the world, we need to invest in the people who make that happen -- our employees -- and specifically leaders of people.

Refer to Marquettes website to see additional offerings for on-campus programs, speakers and events, and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) activities.

Off-campus workshops, certifications and continuous learning opportunities can also be discussed with your supervisor.

Leadership Development Participant Overview