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Marquette University In The News is a weekly compilation of top media reports about Marquette University and members of the university community.

April 4, 2018


Marquette Jesuit: For believers, Easter remains breathtaking

Rev. Frederick Zagone, S.J., assistant to the vice president and University Advancement chaplain, wrote about the importance of Easter. "At Marquette University, where I serve as a Jesuit priest, Easter changes the tone on campus," he wrote. "We see the symbols of Easter, whether it be the crucifix outside our Alumni Memorial Union or at the St. Joan of Arc Chapel."

Op-ed appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, March 29, 2018

Bill Henk, professor and dean of the College of Education, wrote an op-ed about making schools safer after the recent mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida. "As one example, mental health services are sorely needed as most shootings are done by disgruntled current, expelled or former students who acquire their weapons from home," he wrote.

Op-ed appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 4, 2018

Paul Nolette, associate professor of political science, discussed the Wisconsin Supreme Court election. "I think in many ways Wisconsin has been ground zero for the polarization that we've seen across the country, that leads to this race getting a lot more attention than something like this normally would," he said.

Story aired on National Public Radio, April 3, 2018

Julia Azari, associate professor of political science, discussed Stormy Daniels' allegations against President Donald Trump. "If Barack Obama had done this, we would not be having this chat because the country would be burned to the ground," she said.

Online chat appeared on FiveThirtyEight, March 28, 2018

O'Brien Fellowship Award winners named

Marquette awarded Marisa Kwiatkowski, Mark Alesia and Tim Evans of The Indianapolis Star the O'Brien Fellowship Award for Impact in Public Service Journalism. The judges cited the Star for "unraveling a culture in U.S. gymnastics that abetted widespread sex abuse of its athletes."

Story appeared on Poynter, March 29, 2018

New director for Marquette's Center for Real Estate brings dedication to the job

Andy Hunt brings knowledge of Marquette's students, alumni and board, as well as a dedication to everything he does. Hunt returned this academic year to direct the center after spending 2010-2014 as its assistant director.

Story appeared in BizTmes Milwaukee, April 2, 2018

Bruce Boyden, associate professor of law, discussed Facebook's openness in using user data from their service. "Facebook is trying to basically have some way that they can make content decisions, moderation decisions and pull some content off of their service without them actually being responsible for making those determinations," he said.

Story aired on KNX-Radio (Los Angeles), April 2, 2018

Howard Fuller, distinguished professor and director for the Institute for the Transformation of Learning, wrote about honoring Martin Luther King, Jr., in relation to teaching and helping children. "If we are truly going to honor King, we must be willing to fight for laws, policies and practices that impact our students' lives every day," he wrote.

Op-ed appeared on The 74 Million, April 2, 2018

Alan Borsuk, senior fellow in law and public policy, discussed the superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools leaving the position. "She's been under pressure from the board lately in a way that wasn't true before, there's been frustrations in the job and yet she's extremely talented and very hirable," he said.

Story aired on WTMJ-Radio (620 AM), April 3, 2018

Charles Franklin, director of the Marquette Law School Poll, discussed the June special elections. "These June specials are almost surely going to be low turnout races where enthusiasm will count," Franklin said.

Story aired on WMTV-TV (NBC 15, Madison), March 29, 2018

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