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Marquette University In The News is a weekly compilation of top media reports about Marquette University and members of the university community.

July 24, 2019


Dr. Allison Hyngstrom, associate professor and chair of physical therapy in the College of Health Sciences, received a $2.3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health. She will lead a five-year stroke rehabilitation research study.

Story appeared in Diverse Issues in Higher Education, WisBusiness, Urban Milwaukee, July 18, 2019

Marquette bolstering Race, Ethnic and Indigenous Studies program
Marquette’s Race, Ethnic and Indigenous Studies program cluster hire is expected to advance faculty diversity, a key priority in the university’s strategic plan. “It’s critical for Marquette to develop the best possible community of teachers and scholars in the areas represented by REIS, and the cluster hire will build upon what we are already doing in this area,” said Acting Provost Kimo Ah Yun.

Story appeared on Diverse Issues in Higher Education, WisBusiness, July 23, 2019

Marquette brain dissection course provides unique opportunity for working professionals
Dr. William Cullinan, dean of the College of Health Sciences, teaches a three-day brain dissection course — the only known class of its kind. Ninety-seven medical and neuroscience professionals who attended the course had the opportunity to dissect a human brain using a technique called blunt dissection. “It brings the brain into sharper focus. So there’s a sense of knowing where things should be, and then there’s visualizing it and putting your hands on it. That’s key to understanding the three-dimensionality of the pathways deep in the brain,” Cullinan said.

Story aired on WTMJ-TV (NBC 4) and appeared on Yahoo News, July 24, 2019

Marquette hosted the 2019 Computers, Software and Applications Conference, sponsored by the Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute
"Marquette University gained valuable exposure to the international researchers who were gathered for this event," said Tom Kaczmarek, director at Marquette's Center for Cyber Security Awareness and Cyber Defense, director of computing and Marquette’s project leader on the Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute (NM DSI). This is the first time since 2016 that COMPSAC was held in the U.S.

Story appeared on Milwaukee Business Journal, July 17, 2019

Dr. Kent Belasco, assistant professor of practice and director of the Commercial Banking Program in the College of Business Administration, commented on why banks are doubling down on wealth management services. He says banks like wealth management services because they make money through fees, which are not affected by interest rate changes by the Federal Reserve.

Story aired on National Public Radio, and dozens of NPR affiliates nationwide, July 23, 2019

Prof. Lisa Grabert, visiting professor of research in the College of Nursing, commented on Medicaid expansion. “In general, providers would like to see an expansion. I think the loudest voice at the state level and typically at the federal level are hospitals. Hospitals, from a pure revenue perspective, stand to benefit quite a bit from expansions,” she said.

Story appeared in BizTimes Milwaukee, July 22, 2019

Dr. Joe Daniels, Acting Keyes Dean of Business Administration, was featured in a BizTimes Milwaukee economic forecast. When asked what impact the tariffs imposed by the president have on the economy, Daniels said: “Overall the tariffs have, to date, a very small impact on U.S. GDP as the U.S. is less trade dependent than most economies. It has had, however, a significant impact in some industries. Downstream industries that are heavy users of steel and aluminum are examples.”

Story appeared in BizTimes Milwaukee, July 22, 2019

Dr. Brian Stemper, associate professor of biomedical engineering, commented on head injuries in athletes. In a recent study, he compared head impact exposure between concussed NCAA Division 1 college football players and matched controls. Stemper and his colleagues found that the study “provided further evidence for the role of repetitive head impact exposure as a predisposing factor for the onset of concussion. The clinical implication of these findings supports contemporary trends of limiting head impact exposure for college football athletes during practice activities in an effort to also reduce risk of concussive injury.”

Story appeared on Psychology Today, Medical Health News, July 20, 2019

Dr. Kristina Ropella, Opus dean of engineering, discussed innovation and diversity in the engineering field. “Putting yourself out of your comfort zone, I think that’s often a problem as we tend to get settled in things that we’re comfortable with. Innovation really happens when you go out of that comfort zone and do things you haven’t thought about,” she said.

Story aired on WUWM Radio, Milwaukee Public Radio, July 22, 2019

Drs. Stephen Cole, assistant professor of economics, and Abdur Chowdhury, professor emeritus of economics in the College of Business Administration, weighed in on Wisconsin’s economic dependence on manufacturing and the concerns that come with that. “The concern is the global economy and trade dispute with China. I definitely can see where people are more uncertain about the future,” Cole said. “Anything that lowers uncertainty will boost the economy,” Chowdhury said.

Story appeared on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 23, 2019

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