COVID-19 Research Initiative FAQ

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What are the Desired Outcomes from the Marquette Covid-19 Research Initiative?

  1. Interdisciplinary collaborations and research studies
  2. New knowledge and applications
  3. Publications
  4. Grant applications to external agencies and subsequent funding
  5. Research blogs, podcasts and webinars by faculty and students
  6. Research seminar series offered by faculty on COVID-19 - related issues
  7. Dynamic website to centralize and streamline communication of the details of the initiative, host blogs, podcasts, webinars and promote the outcomes of the research
  8. High-impact educational experiences through research and teaching for graduate and undergraduate students
  9. Graduate and undergraduate classes/seminars: education on the research and consequences of Covid-19 and emerging diseases in a changing world
  10. External and corporate partnerships in the local and broader community

Is internal funding available for my project?

This initiative primarily aims to connect investigators with various research ideas and skills sets to address small and large research and educational opportunities associated with COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, the steering committee will also examine opportunities to leverage small and repurposed internal funds as available and appropriate to support these opportunities.

How can I locate external funding opportunities?

Known external COVID-19-specific funding opportunities can be found at this link and websiteThere are many other existing opportunities that will support COVID-19 related research, but do not call it out or name it specifically. It is important to develop your project idea first. Averia Flasch (, x5327) and Erin Folstad (, x 3642) in ORSP can help guide teams in finding additional non-COVID-19-specific opportunities.

My research does not directly relate to COVID/pandemic. Does that mean I cannot participate or that I have to change my research program? 

We encourage you to still be involved with the COVID-19 Research Initiative. It might be that you will find ways that your research program intersects with others on campus for collaborations now or in the future. 

My research is on a different topic, but my teaching addresses disease, disability, and other related topics. Is teaching a part of this initiative?

Absolutely--one goal of organizing our responses to the current pandemic is to engage our graduate and undergraduate students in our work. The COVID-19 virus example may offer high-impact activities through teaching in our specific disciplines and across the common core.

How can I connect with other project investigators or teams after the Town hall?

The submitted descriptions of the research projects, educational ideas and skill sets are available online (Marquette access only). This will be the opportunity for investigators with expertise in different areas and/or new skill sets to connect with research groups or individual investigators. If you have a skill set or area of expertise that could fit with a research group or the ideas of an individual investigator, please contact them and start the conversation. 

The ideas that are generated will be shared within the internal Marquette University community to improve our ability to create teams and connect researchers. These ideas will not be released to the general public or other local or non-local academic institutions without explicit permission of all researchers involved and will only be accessible to the Marquette community when logged in to the website with Marquette University credentials.

I am a student at Marquette and interested in being involved in research that is related to the COVID-19 pandemic. How do I get involved?

First, fill out this form with your interest and experience. You may also view descriptions of project ideas and teams who are seeking student involvement.  Reach out to the primary contact of the project(s) you would like to be involved with.

If you do not have access to a Marquette VPN or campus network connection, reach out to and we will assist you in getting connected to a research team.

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Additional Questions?

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