OIRA helps conduct several campus-wide surveys of broad institutional scope on a recurring basis. Results for each administration of these surveys are posted below. Please note that several of the reports on this page are restricted to campus.

Remote Instruction Experience Survey

Administered in Spring 2020 to students and instructors to better understand their experiences with the transition to remote instruction in response to COVID-19, this survey asks about access to needed technology and resources, instructional tool usage and satisfaction, and experiences with synchronous and asynchronous instruction. All reports are restricted to campus unless otherwise noted.

In May 2020, preliminary results were shared with the Deans’ Council, Provost’s Cabinet and the COVID-19 Academic Planning Group to support fall 2020 continuity of instruction planning efforts. In June 2020, detailed results were presented to a faculty/staff consultation group comprised of over 50 members. As of the publication of the final report (early July 2020), the consultation group is in the process of identifying key recommendations and actions derived from the results of the survey related to fall 2020 instruction with the goal of implementing those recommendations prior to fall 2020.

First-Time, First-Year Student Survey

Administered during New Student Orientation, this survey asks about students' predicted academic success, their expectations for Marquette, their concerns, academic confidence, and the activities in which they would like to be involved. Administered annually in August. All reports are restricted to campus.


Graduating Senior Survey

Investigates graduating seniors' engagement in co-curricular learning experiences at Marquette, experiences with learning outcomes and key mission-related aims of the university, plans for the immediate future, and overall satisfaction with their Marquette education. Administered annually in April. All reports are restricted to campus unless otherwise noted.


Undergraduate First Destination Survey

Examines employment and enrollment in graduate and professional school activities of recent bachelor's degree recipients with the goal of estimating six-month post-graduation outcomes rates. Administered annually (continuous).


Undergraduate Alumni Survey

Examines post-graduation outcomes of recent Marquette University undergraduate alumni. The survey asks respondents about their current life situation, pursuit of additional education, current employment status, their reflection on institutional learning outcomes, and overall satisfaction with Marquette. Administered every other year (summer). Surveys alumni who received a bachelor's degree one, five, and ten years ago.


National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

National instrument that collects information about student participation in programs and activities that are provided for learning and personal development. Administered every three years in spring. All reports are restricted to campus.

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