Intercultural Engagement

The Office of Engagement and Inclusion strives to achieve our vision and fulfill our mission by developing programs and opportunities through the following core initiatives:

Celebrating Diversity | Social Justice Education & Leadership Development
Student Support/Mentoring | Campus Collaborations | Advocacy

Below are examples of programs Intercultural Engagement has sponsored and/or facilitated to achieve these core initiatives.

Celebrating Diversity

Opportunities to engage students to better understand and appreciate diversity and social justice.

Celebration Months: Various programs recognizing the diversity awareness months below.

September: Hispanic Heritage Month
October: LGBTQ+ History Month
November: Native American Heritage Month
December: Universal Human Rights Month
January/February: Black History Month
March: Women's History Month
April/May: Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month

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Social Justice Education & Leadership Development

Opportunities to develop students as culturally competent leaders and empower them to promote inclusion at Marquette.

Civil Rights Pilgrimage: The Civil Rights Pilgrimage is an immersion trip offering students the opportunity to make connections between the Civil Rights Movement and contemporary social issues, and identify ways to work towards creating change on campus and their respective communities.

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Student Support/Mentoring

Opportunities to support students from underrepresented racial, ethnic and religious communities, students in the LGBTQ and ally communities, and first generation college students to succeed academically and socially, and to strengthen their connection to the Marquette community.

CAFÉ CON LECHE MONTHLY SERIES, 11AM-12PM Center for Engagement and Inclusion (AMU 111)
Join us for coffee as we discuss various topics pertaining to the Latino/Hispanic community in Spanish.

Dreamers Discussion Group, Center of Engagement and Inclusion
A space dedicated for support and advocacy. This series discusses social justice issues around immigration and higher education.

Men to Men, Center of Engagement and Inclusion (AMU 111)
This group serves as a platform for open and honest discussion and cultural enrichment around social justice issues impacting men of color on campus. It strives to provide a sense of community for students of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

LGBQ+ (Orientation/Attraction) Support and Discussion Group, WEDNESDAYS (Alternating), 4-5PM, LGBTQ+ RC (AMU 140)
This group will provide a safe and brave space to discuss and get support from fellow students who similarly identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Queer, Asexual or Aromantic, or otherwise hold non-straight orientations or same gender attractions. This space is also open and welcome to those that are questioning or navigating their orientation/attraction(s).

Trans and Gender-Diverse Support and Discussion Group, THURSDAYS (Alternating), 4-5PM, LGBTQ+ RC (AMU 140)
This group will provide a safe and brave space to discuss and get support from fellow students who similarly identify as Trans (Binary or Non-Binary), do not align with the gender assigned at birth, and/or are otherwise gender non-conforming. This space is open and welcome to those that are also questioning or navigating their gender.


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Campus Collaborations

Intentional collaborations with campus partners to support students as they engage in areas of diversity and social justice.

Note: This is not a comprehensive listing of all campus collaborations.

MLK Days of Engagement: This initiative organized in collaboration with the Center for Community Service is aimed at connecting students to the ideals of Martin Luther King Jr. through passive programming, active community service in the Milwaukee community, and other interactive activities on campus.

Soup with Substance
: This collaboration with the Center for Peacemaking and Campus Ministry features weekly noon-time presentations on an issue related to social justice over a simple meal of soup and bread.

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Opportunities to support and advocate for the needs and experiences of students to promote an inclusive campus climate.

Bias Incident Reporting Protocol (Coming Soon): This initiative seeks to provide members of the Marquette Community with an online resource to report bias incidents and acts of intolerance.

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Diversity Advocates

Diversity advocates

Diversity Advocates provide support, mentorship, and advocacy to students, as well as opportunities for education and discussion around issues of diversity. More information.