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The International Affairs program (INIA) is designed for students who are interested in diplomacy, international affairs, international business, and international community service. It offers a solid foundation in economics and political science, and supplemental work in history, foreign languages and cultures. Its graduates work for internationally oriented government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and international business and media organizations; attend post-graduate studies in law, business, and political science; and/or do international community service. Faculty members affiliated with the international affairs program are teacher-scholars from across the university who have lived and worked in other cultures.

In their first and second years, INIA Students take introductory courses in history, economics, political science and statistics, along with the core curriculum courses required by their respective college. In their second and third years, students begin work on their INIA Concentrations. Double majors are common for INIA students, in subjects including Foreign Language, Economics, History, Political Science, Social Welfare and Justice, and Communication. Students finish the INIA major by taking an active role in an interdisciplinary capstone course on a theme of current relevance.

If you would like to declare a major in International Affairs, you should fill out, print and sign an Arts and Sciences Declaration of Major Form and bring it to Dr. Barrett McCormick in William Wehr Physics Building room 413.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Barrett McCormick at (414) 288-6842 or by email


Interdisciplinary Major in
International Affairs

If you have questions or are interested in declaring an Interdisciplinary Major in International Affairs, please contact Dr. Barrett McCormick at (414) 288-3421 or by emailing