1. Overview

    A mobile device (cell phones and tablets) is a handheld device that combines computing, telephone and networking features. Mobile device size and portability makes them easy targets for thieves as they are easily misplaced or lost. As the use of mobile devices in the university increases, users of these devices need to recognize the need to protect sensitive university data which may be contained on the mobile device.

    Mobile device security should be a serious concern for every university handheld device user, regardless of the manufacturer or model.

  2. Purpose

This policy is intended to provide guidance to employees who are utilizing mobile devices or considering implementing the use of them in their daily work.

  1. Policy
    1. Support Controls
      1. IT Services will provide limited technical assistance on personally owned mobile devices to all university faculty, staff and students. Access to this support is available by contacting the IT Services Help Desk.
      2. IT Services will provide technical assistance on university owned mobile devices to all faculty and staff. Access to this support is available by contacting the IT Services Help Desk.
        Security Controls
    2. Security Controls
      1. The mobile device is not considered a secure computing device. It is recommended that only non-confidential information be stored on the device.
      2. For university-owned mobile devices and for personally-owned devices that contain Marquette sensitive data, the password protection feature for the device must be enabled. In addition, the automatic locking feature must be enabled and a password must be required to unlock the device.  The automatic locking feature should be set to lock after 1 minute of inactivity. It is highly recommended these same security measures are enabled for all personally-owned mobile devices.
      3. Location services should be enabled in order to locate a missing or stolen mobile device.
      4. Sensitive university information must only be accessed via a secured wireless network.
      5. The user of a university-owned mobile devices and owners of personally-owned devices that contain Marquette sensitive data  must not remove the manufacturer’s restrictions regarding the operating system (commonly known as jail-breaking.) This makes devices far more vulnerable to malware and other threats.




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