NEW: Marquette University uses a registered phone number or secondary email address to reset forgotten or expired passwords.

This information is for users with a phone number or secondary email address set up for password recovery. If you have not set up one of these recovery methods, please call the IT Services Help Desk at (414) 288-7799 to reset your password.

  1. If you have wireless mobile devices, set them to offline/airplane mode to temporarily disable network access.

    This step will prevent these devices from locking your account as they attempt to connect to campus wireless or eMarq with an outdated password.

  2. Go to (This link opens in a new browser tab or window.)

    You are prompted for your "User ID"; enter your Marquette email address in the "User ID" field.

    Important: Your Marquette email address must contain The shorter version of your email address will not work.

    After you enter your Marquette email address, the top image will switch from Microsoft to the Marquette University logo.

    Now enter the characters in the picture (or the words in the audio). Click or tap Next.

    Verify Email

  3. The "Why are you having trouble signing in?" page appears. Keep "I forgot my password" selected and click or tap Next.

    Select Forgot Password

  4. If you have an authentication email set up, select Email my alternate email and click or tap Email.

    Email my alternate email

    You are sent an email message with a verification code to your authentication email. Check your secondary email inbox and note the multi-digit code. Enter the code in the text field provided on the web page and click or tap Next.

    If authentication was successful, skip to Step 5.

    Enter email verification code

  5. If you have an authentication phone set up, choose either Text my mobile phone or Call my mobile phone.

    For "Text my mobile phone":

    Enter the authentication phone number and click or tap Text.

    Text my mobile phone

    You will receive a Microsoft verification text with a multi-digit code. Enter that code in the text field provided on the web page and click or tap Next.

    Enter text verification code

    For "Call my mobile phone":

    Enter the authentication phone number and click or tap Call.

    Call my mobile phone

    You will receive an automated call. Press the pound key (the # symbol) to continue.

  6. If your authentication was successful, you will be prompted to choose your new password. Please note:

    • Your new password must be 8 characters long or more.
    • It must include THREE of the following:
           · UPPERCASE characters (A to Z)
           · lowercase characters (a to z)
           · Numbers 0 through 9
           · Non-alphabet characters, for example !,$,#,%
    • It must not include all or part of:
           · your username
           · your first name
           · your last name

    Enter your new password then re-enter your new password. Click Finish.

    Choose a new password and verify password

  7. The web page indicates if the password reset was successful.

    Your password has been reset

    Note that a successful password reset takes a few minutes to finalize.

    If you did not successfully reset your password, review the password requirements above then retry your password reset.

  8. If the reset was successful, close the browser window. Login with your new password to Marquette University systems, such as the CheckMarq student information system or the eMarq email system.

    If you have further questions, see the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the IT Services Help Desk at (414) 288-7799.


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