Instructions for the uninstallation of Microsoft Office 2003 and above

NOTE: Before you start, you can only run this program if the computer is not on Marquette University’s domain. Also be aware that this will completely uninstall Microsoft Office and will restart your computer immediately after the program is complete. Please close down everything and save any files you need.

  1. Download the Microsoft Office uninstaller program.

  2. After you have downloaded the zipped folder called “” double click the folder. A window shown below will open.

    Uninstall Office screenshot #1

  3. You will need to drag the folder called “Office Uninstall” to your desktop. This program will only work from your desktop. Click and drag the folder out.

    Uninstall Office screenshot #2

  4. Once the folder called “Office Uninstall” is dragged to the desktop, double click the folder within the desktop and a new window will open. Once you are ready to start the program double click the script called “Marquette Agreement” and the program will run.

    Uninstall Office screenshot #3

  5. Please read and accept the license agreement popup.

    Uninstall Office screenshot #4

  6. The program will now check if the computer is on Marquette’s domain. If the computer is not on the domain the program will continue to run. If your computer is on the ‘MARQNET’ domain, the program will alert you that this cannot run on your computer. Please press ‘OK’. At this point the program will shut down and Microsoft Office will not be uninstalled.

    Uninstall Office screenshot #5

  7. After the program verifies that the computer is not on the ‘MARQNET’ domain, it will begin to uninstall all Microsoft Office components. This may take from 15 to 30 minutes depending on your computer’s hardware. DO NOT CLOSE ANY WINDOWS OR USE YOUR COMPUTER WHILE THE PROGRAM IS RUNNING. The windows will close once the program is complete.

    Uninstall Office screenshot #6

  8. Remember, your computer will restart after the program is complete and this window closes. Once your computer restarts the uninstallation of Microsoft Office is complete.

For questions, please contact the IT Services Help Desk at (414) 288-7799 or

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