Duo has many forms of authentication available, including Duo Passcode Authentication. The Duo Security app on your phone can generate a 6-digit passcode that can be used to log into Marquette’s Office 365 applications via the web. This method can be used with or without a connection to cellular data or Wi-Fi. Follow these steps to use a Duo passcode.

  1. When prompted for login credentials at the Office 365 login page, enter your Marquette email address and the password for your account.

    Duo login enter password

  2. The "Choose an Authentication Method" screen will appear. Click or tap the Enter a Passcode button, and an input field will appear.

    Duo tap down arrow

  3. Go to the Duo mobile app on your registered device and tap the arrow icon next to Marquette University.

    Duo about passcodes

  4. On your device, a 6-digit passcode will appear.

    Duo passcode

  5. Type that 6-digit passcode into the Passcode input field from Step 2. Click or tap the Log In button to complete the process.

    Duo choose an authentication method

  6. Just to note, the Duo passcode can be generated with or without cellular data or Wi-Fi.

    Duo generate a passcode

For more Multi-factor authentication/Duo Mobile help, contact the IT Services Help Desk.