iOS Mail app

Does your Android device have a network connection?

Make sure you have an active network connection by browsing the web. If you are on campus and using MU_Wireless, your web browser will prompt you to enter your Marquette username and password. Please do so to establish a wireless connection. If your Android device can browse web pages, you have a network connection and you may continue.

Set up your Office 365 Mail account

  1. Locate the Settings gear icon and tap it.

  2. Navigate the settings until you see Accounts or Accounts & Sync.

  3. Tap Add Account.

  4. Tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. This account option may be called Corporate or Exchange ActiveSync.

  5. Enter your email address as (example:

    Make sure your email address ends in (and not

  6. For password, enter your Marquette password. Tap Next or the forward arrow.

  7. Samsung device users: If prompted about Activation, tap OK.

  8. If prompted about a security certificate warning, tap Continue.

  9. If prompted, tap OK for remote security administration.

  10. For Domain\username, if needed, re-enter your email address as

  11. If prompted for Exchange server, use

  12. If prompted, select or keep checked the option to use a secure connection, which also may appear as SSL or SSL/TLS. If prompted, use 443 for the Port.

  13. Tap Next or the forward arrow.

  14. Depending on your Android version and device manufacturer, you may be prompted with more options. Configure your account options as desired, tapping Next or the forward arrow with each screen.

  15. If prompted about updating your security settings or activating the device administrator, tap the option to Update or Activate.

  16. If prompted for an account name, make the account name your email address or Marquette or MU. Tap Done or Next or the forward arrow.

  17. If you were not asked about updating your security settings earlier, you may be prompted to do so now; tap the option to Update or Activate.

    Your recent Marquette email will sync. Navigate to the Email app icon and tap it to view your Inbox. Note: If you have not received any email recently, no messages will appear in your Inbox. Try sending an email to yourself to have a message in your Inbox.

  18. You're done!


Please contact the IT Services Help Desk for questions about email account setup on Office 365.


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