Marquette Username, Email Address and Password

Your Marquette username is based on your last name and issued upon new account activation. This username and password is used to login to:

Sometimes your email address is used instead of the username for login:

Password Requirements

Your new password must be 16 characters or longer. It must include three of the following:

It must not include all or part of:

You may not use the same password as either of your last 12 passwords.

Password Guidance

Having trouble building your next password? Here are some helpful tips.

Make Sure Your Passwords Are Long and Complex

The more characters your password contains the better. Don’t just stop at the bare minimum. Marquette systems support up to 40 characters in your password.

Passphrases are typically a better choice than passwords. In addition to being long and complex, they are more memorable and easier to type than complex eight-character passwords.

Action Password Strength relative to a basic password (ItSl2hs!) Meets ITS requirements?
Pick something meaningful itshelpsstudents Same (roughly) No
Increase the length itslovestohelpstudents Good, but not great. No
Add capitals for complexity ITSlovestohelpstudents Good, but still doesn't meet requirements. No
Swap in a number for additional complexity ITSloves2helpstudents Better, but more can be done. Yes
Add punctuation for even more complexity ITSloves2helpstudents! Better, but still more can be done. Yes
Add spaces for normal sentence structure and natural typing ITS loves 2 help students! Best Yes

Make Your Password Hard to Guess

Hackers use content from social websites, compromised password lists, movie scripts, songs, etc., so avoid nicknames, pet names, birthdays, anniversaries, and other things that can be found about you on social websites. Avoid famous quotations and predictable keyboard sequences.

Don’t just add numbers or substitute special characters for letters – attackers have password guessing tools that check for these combinations.

Make Your Password Unique

Do not re-use your passwords on different sites. Attackers will reference hacked password lists to access your email, social media, bank, and Marquette accounts. Your Marquette password should only be used for Marquette University systems.

Use a password manager. If you are having trouble remembering your unique passwords, IT Services recommends using a password manager to store and secure your passwords. Most major browsers now have password managers, and several commercial sites offer password management services.

Password Do's and Don'ts

DO the following:

DON'T do the following:

Changing your Marquette Password

Learn how to change your Marquette password.

If you forgot your password, visit the Password Reset site at If you do not know your username or password, please contact the IT Services Help Desk at (414) 288-7799 to have this information verified.


Faculty/Staff Voicemail PIN

Faculty and staff use a Personal Information Number (PIN) to access voicemail via telephone. Learn more about voicemail PINs.


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