Microphone Access Instructions

The wireless microphone is located in the smart classroom's lockbox.

  • Instructors: Call the IT Services Smart Classroom Hot Line at (414) 288‑2577 for the lockbox combination.
  • Rotate right (clockwise) two rotations to the first number.
  • Go left one rotation past the first number. Continue to the second number.
  • Rotate right to the third number and turn slowly to release the lockbox latch.

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Professor teaching in a smart classroom

About Smart Classrooms

Marquette University has more than 130 smart classrooms supported by IT Services.

For immediate help while in the classroom, call the Smart Classroom Hot Line at (414) 288‑2577.

For questions and other assistance, contact the IT Services Help Desk at (414) 288‑7799 or https://helpdesk.mu.edu/.