Audio/Video Playback Instructions

Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Playback

Select the DVD button on the Creston Touch Panel. This will take you to a screen with DVD controls and a video display. There is an additional page of advanced DVD controls for navigating menus that can be found by pressing the Navigation button on the Crestron Touch Panel. You can now insert your disc into the Blu-Ray/DVD player. Return to the Creston Touch Panel display, and use the controls to cue and play your disc.

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Professor teaching in a smart classroom

About Smart Classrooms

Marquette University has more than 130 smart classrooms supported by IT Services.

For immediate help while in the classroom, call the Smart Classroom Hot Line at (414) 288‑2577.

For questions and other assistance, contact the IT Services Help Desk at (414) 288‑7799 or