Conferences and Symposiums

Caribbean Studies Conference

Our second Caribbean Studies conference, Calibans and Caribbeanisms: Troubling the Image, interrogates the images that have served to construct the Caribbean. Traditionally, representations of the Caribbean have involved tension between violent images of the colonization and the futurity suggested by the natural bounty of the region. Our goal is to bring together papers that address the manner in which Caribbean imagery manifests itself in the humanities, the plastic arts, and the social and political sciences. We will bring together scholars and artists, some of the foremost specialists in the Caribbean, with the aim of fostering meaningful conversation on the Hispanophone, Anglophone, and Francophone cultures of the Caribbean. **This conference has been POSPONED until October 5th-7th, 2023 due to COVID-19. Check back for updates soon.**

Click here for the Call for Papers and more info on the 2023 Caribbean Studies Conference


Calibans 2020 Poster