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2020-21 Academic Year News

  • Marquette Classics Club Summer Lecture Series

    We have organized an online summer lecture series for Classics Club that we strongly encourage you to participate in. We have asked professors in departments such as Languages, English, Theology, History, and Philosophy to give short lectures on Sunday afternoons at 2pm this summer.

    Event Information

    These lectures will be happening each Sunday of the summer at 2pm, starting 5/31. There is a new channel on the Classic Club Teams page where the lectures will be taking place. We will send out "abstracts" of each lecture during the week before the lecture on the particular Sunday so that you will know what each lecture will be about. Please attend these lectures! The professors are generously giving up their time to create lectures and be there to answer your questions. From what we can tell, we will have an amazing series of lectures, with everything from Shakespeare's reception of Classical sources and the Justinian Plague (very poignant in these times!) to Aristotle. We will send more updates once the first lecture is closer, which again is on 5/31, so just 11 days away! We can't wait to see the turnout!

    We will send you a link for the channel as well (you can also access the channel through the Teams page) and the Team is now public, so if any of your friends/family want to watch, they are more than welcome to by just following the link. We are also preparing weekly sight-reading sessions as well and that information will be forthcoming. Please let us know if you have questions, comments, or ideas about the lecture series or club events in general. We look forward to seeing/hearing from you!

    Hope you're well,
    Classics Club E-board

    As we await the precise descriptions of their lecture topics, please see below for the schedule of presenters:

    Date Speaker Topic
    May 31 Dr. Neujahr  
    June 7

    Dr. Cover

    June 14 Dr. Knox  
    June 21 Dr. Curran  
    June 28 Dr. Goldin  
    July 5 Dr. Finn  
    July 12  Dr. Pladek  
    July 19  Dr. Dempsey  
    July 26  Dr. Taylor  
    August 2 Dr. Taylor  
    August 9 Dr. Cover  
    August 16  Dr. Strakhov  
    August 23 Dr. Burns  

    Thank you for your support, and I hope that you may even find the chance to participate. The Teams link for the first meeting is: Classics Club Summer Lecture Series