MU Collaboration with Milwaukee Art Museum

milwaukee art museum

Our students’ and faculty unique collaboration with the Milwaukee Art Museum

The exhibition “Americans in Spain: Painting and Travel, 1820-1920” has been a unique collaboration between the Milwaukee Art Museum and Marquette University. The Artist-Travelers Project and the exhibition audio guide app (or click here if you use Android) were developed in partnership with Dr. Eugenia Afinoguénova, Tim Korolev, and Shiyu Tian, and funded by a Marquette University Explorer Challenge Grant.

Soundtracks for the audio guide feature Marquette Latinx students (Guadalupe Gomez Soto, Abby Gray, Stephanie Gutierrez, Chelsea Hernandez, Diego Hernandez, Mariah Olmo-Santiago, Litzy Ponce, Britney Román, Favio Saabedra, and Stephanie Salas), faculty, as well as their family members (Dr. Abel Arango, Dr. Sonia Barnes, Dr. Pilar Bellver and son Sam Prater Bellver, Dr. Dinorah Cortés Vélez, former lecturers Gabriel Muciño and María Valerio Capellá, and Dr. Paola Hernández (UW-Madison)).

Thank you, dear students and faculty, for making it happen!

“Americans in Spain: Painting and Travel, 1820-1920” is on view at Milwaukee Art Museum through October 3. Please contact Dr. Afinoguénova for more information or if you would like to schedule a special tour of the exhibit.