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Collections & Scholarly Resources

Develop and implement agile collection building strategies, policies, and procedures to address evolving curricular and research needs in the context of the changing marketplace.

Goal Stewards :: Scott Mandernack and Amy Cooper Cary
Planning Council Representative :: Ann Montez and Tom Doyle

Align acquisitions with current and projected academic programs and initiatives.

  • Investigate data reports that are available to support evidence-based acquisition decisions

Optimize access and discovery to enhance teaching, learning, and research.

  • Through membership in the Digital Public Library of America, contribute unique collections of digitized images for greater discoverability and access to materials held in cultural heritage organizations around the country.

Increase Libraries’ capacity to acquire and access information resources in all formats.

  • Advocate for further capitalization of electronic resources and implement revised payment practices

Build out an adaptable, sustainable infrastructure that supports the full life cycle of digital scholarly content, from creation to preservation and access.

  • Continue to investigate infrastructure needs of the library to manage a range of digitized and born-digital materials, streaming videos, and virtual storage
  • Improve accessibility of electronic information through assessment and compliance with WCAG 2 AA and Section 508 web accessibility standards including closed captioning for video materials

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