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Engagement & Collaboration

Grow the Libraries’ role in catalyzing learning, scholarship, and social justice across campus and in the community.

Goal Stewards :: Janice Welburn and Jean Zanoni
Planning Council Representative :: Elisa Coghlan

Create new opportunities for collaboration across campus, Milwaukee, and Jesuit higher education.

  • Collaborate with other repositories, such as DPLA or local professional groups. to explore opportunities to share expertise in electronic records, digitization, metadata and other areas of digital content
  • Continue to seek funding for the Dorothy Day digitization project with the CRRA collaborators

Cultivate donor relations that support programming, collections, and other initiatives.

  • Work with the Libraries’ advancement officer to develop a fundraising strategy
  • Identify and prioritize current and new initiatives that will appeal to donors
  • Develop a fundraising narrative for the Libraries and ensure that Advancement and Libraries staff are well versed in it

Employ integrated communication strategies to promote the Libraries’ resources and services.

  • Continue to leverage social media and other digital tools to promote library collections and services
  • Develop and implement a strategic communications plan for the Libraries

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