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A' Tsa Na' Wa Tsin Na' Ne (St. Anthony School, Zuni Pueblo, Zuni Reservation, New Mexico), W-261

Abbott, Frederick H., M-261

Abeita, Pablo (Isleta), W-346

Abella, Fray Ramon, O.F.M., W-234

Abenaki Indians, E-21, E-61, M-261

Abenaki Indians, Genealogy Prospects (Canadian repositories not included), E-21

Academy of American Franciscan History Collection, Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley, California), W-129

Academy of the Sacred Heart, The (St. Marys Kansas), M-27b

Accolti, Reverend Michael, S.J., M-110a

Achtergael, Reverend Albert, M-191, M-261

Ackerman, Bishop Richard H., M-261

Acoma Indians, E-46, M-261, MX-1, MX-9, W-94, W-106, W-165, W-234, W-267, W-341, W-346, W-355, W-361, W-364, W-369, W-380, W-386, W-481, W-482

Acoma Indians, Genealogy Prospects (Mexican repositories not included), M-261, W-94, W-234, W-267, W-341, W-355, W-361, W-364, W-369, W-378, W-380, W-386, W-481

Acomita Mission (Acomita, Acoma Reservation, New Mexico); see St. Anne/ Ann Mission (Acomita, Acoma Reservation, New Mexico)

Adair station (Oklahoma), M-193

Adam, Reverend Benign, O.F.M., M-261

Adam, Reverend J.N., M-261

Adam, Reverend Joachim, W-184

Adasiewicz, Reverend Casimir, M-50, M-261

Adorers of the Blood of Christ, Generalate (Rome, Italy), IT-1

Adorers of the Blood of Christ, (St. Louis, Missouri), IT-1, W-349, W-356

Adrian, Bishop William L., M-261

Adrian Dominican Sisters (Adrian, Michigan), M-30, W-38, W-63, W-71, W-358, W-376

Afton station (Oklahoma), M-165, M-193

Agnita, Mother, S.L., M-261

Agua Vivia (Diocese of Las Cruces, New Mexico), W-365

Aguas Calientes Indians, E-53, M-261, MX-1, MX-3, MX-9, W-106, W-130, W-138, W-149, W-158, W-165, W-176, W-184, W-195, W-198, W-199, W-208, W-212, W-215, W-217, W-222, W-223, W-226, W-227, W-230, W-234, W-237, W-241, W-245, W-246, W-247, W-257, W-481

Aguas Calientes Indians, Genealogy Prospects (Mexican repositories not included), M-261, W-130, W-138, W-158, W-184, W-195, W-199, W-208, W-212, W-222, W-223, W-225, W-226, W-227, W-234, W-237, W-241, W-245, W-247, W-481

Agustin de Morfi, Fray Juan, O.F.M., W-433

Ah-Gwah Ching Nursing Home (Walker/ Onigum, Minnesota), M-89, M-100

Ahr, Bishop George W., M-261

Ahtanum Mission (Yakima, Washington); see St. Joseph Church/Ahtanum Mission and School/Academy (Yakima, Washington)

Ahtena Indians, W-2, W-24, W-512

Ahtena Indians, Genealogy Prospects (Canadian Repositories not included), W-2

Aisling, The (Eastern Navajo Landowners' Rights Project), W-439

Ajachemem Indians; see Luiseño Indians

Alabama Indians, M-261

Alacoque, Sister Margaret Mary, O.S.F., M-261

Alamillo Mission (Alamillo, New Mexico), W-451

Alamo, El (San Antonio, Texas); see San Antonio de Valero [El Alamo]/ San José/ San Francisco Solano/ San Ildefonso Mission (San Antonio, Texas/ Guerrero

Alaska Missions, W-245; see also individual missions in Alaska (names provided in diocesan entries)

Alaska Archives (Juneau, Alaska), W-24

Alaska Library (Juneau, Alaska), W-5, W-25

Alaskan Shepherd, The (Diocese of Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska), M-261, W-13, W-307

Alcina, Fray Theodoro, O.F.M., W-382

Alemany, Archbishop Joseph Sadoc, O.P., M-261, W-182, W-184, W-204, W-205, W-206, W-234

All Saints Chapel (Vauf Kuch, Arizona), M-261

All Saints Church (Eagle Butte, Cheyenne River Reservation, South Dakota), M-203, M-226, M-252, M-261

All Saints Church (Ganado, Navajo Reservation, Arizona), E-46, W-75, W-356

All Saints Mission (Baja California, Mexico), W-184

Allcorn, Bill, W-458

Allen, Bishop Edward P., M-261

Allen, Edwin A., M-261

Allen, Monsignor Francis A., M-261

Allen, Tom (Navajo), W-346

Alodia, Sister Mary, S.C., M-261

Aloysia, Mother Mary, O.S.B., M-261

Alsea Indians, W-405, W-419, W-508

Alsea Indians, Genealogy Prospects, W-405, W-419

Alsea station (Oregon), W-405

Alter, Bishop Karl J., M-261

Althoff, Bishop Henry, M-261

Althoff, Reverend John, W-59

Altmicks, Reverend Servatius, O.F.M., M-45, M-108, M-250, M-261

Alvarado, Juan Bautista, W-182, W-184, W-230, W-234

Alvarez, Fray Sebastian, O.F.M., W-382

Amadeus, Sister Mary, O.S.U., M-261

Amador, José Maria, W-237

Aman, Reverend George, U., C.PP.S., M-261

Amat y Brusi, Bishop Thaddeus, C.M., M-261, W-184, W-234

Ambris, Fray Doroteo, O.F.M., W-245

American Anthropological Association, E-5

American Board of Catholic Missions (Washington, D.C.), W-378, W-356

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, M-49

American Catholic History Research Center, Catholic University of America (Washington, D.C.); see Catholic University of America (Washington, D.C.)

American Folklife Center (Washington, D.C.), E-2

American Fur Company, M-49, M-76

American Heritage Center; see University of Wyoming (Laramie, Wyoming)

American Horse, George (Cheyenne), M-261, W-291

American Indian Historical Society, W-202

American Indian Movement, M-261, W-346; see also Wounded Knee (Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota) 1973 Indian Occupation

American Indian Research Project, University of South Dakota Vermillion, South Dakota), M-234

American Philosophical Society (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), M-261

Among the Mescalero Apaches: The Story of Father Albert Braun, O.F.M. by Dorothy Emerson, W-367

Anable, Bishop/ Reverend Edmund A., S.J., M-261, W-18, W-512

Anadarko station (Kiowa, Comanche, and Wichita Reservation, Oklahoma), M-145a, M-161, M-180, M-261

Anaheim Public Library (Anaheim, California), W-123

Anaktuvik Pass station (Alaska), W-346

Anastasia, Mother Mary, S.H.C.J., M-261

Anawim Center (Chicago, Illinois); see St. Kateri Center of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois)

Anawim Center News (Chicago, Illinois), M-261

Anchor, The (Archdiocese of Anchorage, Anchorage, Alaska), W-2

Anderl, Reverend Henry, O.S.B., M-75, M-261

Anderson, Bishop Paul F., M-75, M-261

Andres, Fray Juan, O.F.M., W-130

Aneth station (Utah), W-387

Aniak Mission (Aniak, Alaska); see St. Theresa Church/ Aniak Mission (Aniak, Alaska)

Anishinabe Enamiad (Holy Childhood School, Harbor Springs, Michigan), M-11, M-108, M-261

Annabring, Bishop Joseph A., M-272, M-261

Annals of the Sacred Heart, O.F.M., M-108, M-261

Anneak, Joseph (Eskimo), W-25

Ann Therese, Sister, O.S.B., M-261

Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church/ Mission (Chinle, Navajo Reservation, Arizona); see Our Lady of Fatima/ Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church/ Mission (Chinle, Navajo Reservation, Arizona)

ANRC Newsletter (Association of Native Religious and Clergy), M-261

Anselm, Mother Mary, S.B.S., M-261

Anthony, Reverend Howard A., M-191

Anton, Fray Sebastian, O.F.M., W-382

Antone, Sister V., O.S.F., (Tohono O'odham), M-261

Antonian, The (St. Anthony School, Zuni Pueblo, Zuni Reservation, New Mexico), M-261, W-116, M-261

Antonito/ Conejos stations (Colorado), IT-53, W-256

Antram, Reverend Cormac, O.F.M., W-94, M-261

Antus, Reverend Lawrence, O.M.I., E-8, M-75, M-261

Anvik station (Yukon/Youcon River, Alaska), BC-3

Anymahsung, Agnes Fairbank (Ojibwa), M-261

Anymahsung, Chief Louis (Ojibwa), M-261

Anza, Juan Bautista de, W-116, W-217, W-234

Apache Indians, E-10, E-46, E-53, M-4 M-51, M-108, M-111b, M-112, M-145a, M-154b, M-155, M-161, M-171, M-180, M-184, M-259, M-261, MX-1, MX-6, MX-7, MX-8, W-66, W-73, W-82, W-87, W-88, W-91, W-92, W-96, W-98, W-99, W-104, W-106, W-107, W-109, W-116, W-117, W-118, W-158, W-165, W-166, W-172, W-196, W-215. W-234, W-245, W-246, W-259, W-267, W-351, W-353, W-356, W-365, W-367, W-378, W-382, W-394, W-397. W-433, W-436, W-442, W-448, W-452, W-460, W-465, W-467, W-478

Apache Indians,Genealogy Prospects (Mexican repositories not included), E-10, M-108, M-145a, M-154b, M-155, M-161, M-171, M-180, M-184, M-259, M-261, W-66, W-82, W-87, W-91, W-92, W-96, W-109, W-117, W-118, W-158, W-172, W-234, W-245, W-267, W-351, W-353, W-356, W-365, W-367, W-378, W-382, W-394, W-397, W-433. W-436, W-448, W-452, W-465, W-467

Apalachee Indians, E-1, E-11, E-12b, E-15a, M-261, QC-10

Apke, Brother John, O.S.B., M-14

Apple River station (Wisconsin), M-241

Arapaho Indians, DE-2, E-51, IT-57, M-4, M-22a, M-22b, M-51, M-118, M-161, M-170, M-171, M-174, M-180, M-195, M-196, M-261, M-264, W-105, W-177, W-267, W-481, W-482, W-525, W-526, W-527, W-528, W-530, W-531, W-532

Arapaho Indians, Genealogy Prospects, M-118, M-161, M-170, M-171, M-174, M-180, M-195, M-196, M-261, W-105, W-245, W-267, W-481, W-525, W-530, W-531, W-532

Arapaho Indians, Language, M-261

Arbeiter, Reverend Vincent, O.F.M., M-261

Arbre Croche station (Michigan), M-39, M-46

Arbuckle station (Wisconsin), M-241

Archambault, Sister Marie Therese, O.S.F. (Hunkpapa), M-261

Archives de la Marine (Paris, France), W-433

Archives des Colonies (Paris, France), W-433

Archives Nationales (Paris, France), FR-1

Archivio Vaticana (Vatican City), VA-1

Archivo de Guadalajara (Guadalajara, Mexico), W-433

Archivo de la Biblioteca Publica del Estado de Jalisco (Guadalajara, Mexico), W-433

Archivo de la Secretaria del Gobierno del Estado Coahuila (Matamoros, Mexico), W-433

Archivo del Ayuntamiento de Matamoros (Matamoros, Mexico), W-433

Archivo del Colegio de la Santa Cruz de Queretaro; see Franciscans, Santa Cruz College (Queretaro, Mexico)

Archivo del Colegio de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de Zacatecas; see Franciscans, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe College (Zacatecas, Mexico)

Archivo General de la Nación (Mexico City, Mexico), MX-4, W-106, W-116, W-381, W-433

Archivo General de las Indias (Mexico City, Mexico), W-434

Archivo General de las Indias (Seville, Spain), E-11, E-12b, ES-2, W-381, W-433, W-434

Archivo General de Notarías de Durango (Durango, Mexico), W-366

Archivum Secretum Vaticanum (Vatican City); see Archivio Vaticana (Vatican City)

Arctic Circle, The (St. Francis Xavier Mission, Kotzebue, Alaska), M-261

Ardmore station (Chickasaw Nation, Oklahoma), M-147, M-168, M-171, M-180

Arickara Indians, Genealogical Prospects, M-105b, M-126, M-129, M-133, M-135, M-144, M-261

Arickara Indians, M-105b, M-126, M-129, M-133, M-135, M-136, M-144, M-261

Arizona Historical Society, Central Division (Tempe, Arizona), W-97

Arizona Historical Society, Northern Division (Flagstaff, Arizona), W-68

Arizona Historical Society, Southern Division (Tucson, Arizona), W-104

Arizona Missions; see individual missions in Arizona (names provided in diocesan entries)

Arizona Library, Archives and Public Records (Phoenix, Arizona), W-86

Arizona Museum, Archives (Tucson, Arizona), W-105

Arizona Museum, Office of Ethno-historical Research (Tucson, Arizona), W-106

Arizona University (Tempe, Arizona), W-98

Arizona University, Labriola National American Indian Data Center (Tempe, Arizona), W-99

Arlee, Chief (Salish), M-261

Armbruster, Reverend Boniface, M-14

Armbruster, Reverend Julius, M-14

Armijo, Juan, W-382

Armijo, Valentin, W-382

Armstrong, E.J., M-261

Arnston, Arthur N., M-261

Around the Campfire (Sacred Heart School, De Smet, Coeur d'Alene Reservation, Idaho), M-261

Arratia, Fray Bernardo de, O.F.M., W-478

Arrillaga, José Joaquín, W-224, W-234

Arriquibar, Fray Pedro, O.F.M., W-104

Arrow, The (St. Labre School, Ashland, Montana), M-249a, M-261, W-291

Arroyo de la Cuesta, Fray Felipe, O.F.M., W-257

Arthur Chapel (Arthur, Fort Peck Reservation, Montana), AT-1, W-323

Arthur, Chester A., M-261

Arvide, Fray Martin de, O.F.M., W-104

Asah, Spencer (Kiowa), M-261

Ashland station (Wisconsin), M-241, M-242

Asplan, Monsignor Ralph A., M-261

Assiniboine Indians, AT-1, E-43, M-4, M-118, M-261, M-262d, W-177, W-267, W-294, W-299, W-303, W-304, W-305, W-307, W-309, W-310, W-311, W-314, W-315, W-323, W-329, W-512; see also Catholic Sioux Congress, St. Mary Society, and St. Joseph Society

Assiniboine Indians, Genealogy Prospects (Canadian repositories not included), M-118, M-261, M-262d, W-177, W-267, W-299, W-303, W-304, W-305, W-307, W-310, W-311, W-314, W-323, W-329

Assiniboine Indians, Language, W-512

Association of Native Religious and Clergy, M-261

Assumption Abbey (Richardton, North Dakota); see Benedictines, Assumption Abbey (Richardton, North Dakota)

Assumption Church (Bellingham, Washington), W-484, W-492, W-505

Assumption Church (Callaway, Minnesota), M-71, M-73, M-75, M-83

Assumption Church (Duncan, Oklahoma), M-151

Assumption Church (Muskogee, Creek Nation, Oklahoma), M-152a, M-162, M-164, M-165, M-166, M-171, M-184, M-191, M-193, M-194

Assumption Church (Tomales, California), W-182, W-249

Assumption Church (Windsor/Sandwich, Canada), M-39

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Church (Grand River, Michigan), M-37

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church (Florence, Arizona), W-72, W-100, W-102, W-109, W-378

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church (Lynch, Nebraska), M-215

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church/ Mission (Pembina, North Dakota), M-18, M-92, M-94, M-96, M-129, M-134, M-135, M-261, MB-1, MB-2, QC-7, ON-4, W-481

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mission (Lakeside, Barona Reservation, California), M-261, W-160, W-161, W-212

Assumption/ St. Benedict Church/ Mission (Kenel, Standing Rock Reservation, South Dakota), M-14, M-103, M-118, M-131, M-226, M-229b, M-234, M-237, M-240, M-261

Astruc, René Reverend, S.J., M-261, W-18, W-512

Athapascan Indians; see Ahtena Indians, Dena' ina Indians, Koyukon Indians, Kutchin Indians, and Tinne Indians

Athabascan-MacKenzie District stations (Alaska), W-56

Atkielski, Monsignor Roman R., M-261

Atkins, John D.C., M-261

Atsina Indians, E-5, E-43, M-118, M-261, M-262d, W-177, W-267, W-294, W-303, W-305, W-307, W-309, W-311, W-314, W-315, W-512

Atsina Indians, Genealogy Prospects, M-118, M-261, M-262d, W-177, W-267, W-303, W-305, W-307, W-311, W-314

Atsina Indians, Language, M-261, W-512

Aubert, Reverend F., M-94

Auchiah, James (Kiowa), M-261

Auclaire, Elie, M-94

Augustana University, Center for Western Studies (Sioux Falls, South Dakota), M-229a

Augustine Reservation station (California), W-138, W-208

Augustine, Fray Juan, O.F.M., W-458

Augustinians, Generalate (Rome, Italy), IT-2

Augustinians, St. Augustine Province (San Diego, California), IT-2, W-153, W-211, W-412

Austin, Stephen Fuller, W-458

Autry National Center, Southwest Museum of the American Indian (Burbank, California), W-165, W-388

Avant station (Oklahoma), M-176, M-186

A'Wona Wi Lona (St. Anthony School, Zuni Pueblo, Zuni Reservation, New Mexico), M-261, W-116

Axaca station (Rappahannock River, Virginia), PE-1

Ayres, Atlee Bernard, W-435

Ayres, Robert Moss, W-435

Azlor y Virto de Vera Aguayo, José de, W-459