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Babb, Reverend William H., M-261

Babcock, Bishop Allen J., M-44, M-261

Bacoachi Presido (Bacoachi, Mexico), W-104

Bad River station (Bad River/ La Pointe Reservation, Wisconsin), M-242, M-261

Bad Yellow Hair, Joe (Oglala), M-261

Badin, Reverend Joseph, M-254, M-258

Badin, Reverend Stephen T., E-45, M-11, M-37, M-106, M-109

Badin, Reverend Vincent, M-106

Baga, Fray Manuel de, O.F.M., W-455

Baker, Monsignor Raymond H., M-261

Baldus, Reverend Leonard, O.M.I., E-8, M-261

Balfe, Reverend John J., M-261

Balke, Bishop Victor H., M-261

Ball Club station (Leech Lake Reservation, Minnesota), M-91

Ballinger, Richard A., M-261

Balsalm Lake station (Wisconsin), M-241, M-242

Balthasar, Padre Juan Antonio, S.J., W-104, W-116

Baltussen, Reverend Peter L., S.J., M-261

Baltz, Reverend Alfred, M-14, M-261

Bancroft Library, The (Berkeley, California), M-261, W-106, W-116, W-117, W-130

Bancroft, Hubert Howe, W-157

Bancroft, Kate, W-157

Bandelier, Adolph, W-381

Bandelier, Fanny Ritter, W-381

Bandini, Reverend Joseph, S.J., M-261, W-512

Bandini, Reverend Peter, S.J., W-512

Bann, Monsignor John M., M-261

Banner, The (St. Anthony School, Zuni Pueblo, Zuni Reservation, New Mexico), M-261

Bannock Indians, MB-3, M-261, W-276, W-277, W-423, W-508, W-512

Bannock Indians, Genealogy Prospects (Canadian repositories not included), M-261, W-276, W-277

Bannon, Reverend John Francis, S.J., W-104

Baraga Bulletin (Bishop Baraga Association, Marquette, Michigan), M-261

Baraga, Bishop Ireneus Frederick, AT-2, E-45, M-11, M-31, M-32, M-35, M-37, M-39, M-49, M-50, M-53, M-76, M-79, M-94, M-96, M-108, M-110a, M-242, M-258, M-261

Barbeau, P.B., M-49

Barco, Fray Pedro del, O.F.M., W-455

Bardol, Sister Diane, G.N.S.H., W-18

Barnabites, Generalate (Rome, Italy), IT-3a

Barnabites, North American Province (Youngstown, New York), IT-3a, W-199

Barnes, Bishop Gerald Richard, W-208

Barnes, Reverend L.V., M-261

Barnsdell station (Oklahoma), M-186

Barnum station (Minnesota), M-273

Barnum, Reverend Francis “Frank,” S.J., W-512

Barona Cultural Center and Museum (Lakeside, Barona Reservation, California), W-160

Barona Mission (Lakeside, Barona Reservation, California); see Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mission (Lakeside, Barona Reservation, California)

Barona station (Lakeside, Barona Reservation, California), M-261, W-199, W-241

Baroux, Reverend Louis, M-11, M-37

Barry, Bishop Patrick, M-261

Barry, Sister Cecelia Mary, R.S.M., M-120

Bartholome, Bishop Peter W., M-92, M-261

Bartholome, Bishop Peter, M-261

Bartlesville station (Oklahoma), M-166

Bash, Reverend Cletus, M-191

Bashaw station (Wisconsin), M-241

Bassett, Reverend Daniel, S.J., W-177

Basso, Reverend John F., M-261

Baud, Reverend John B., S.J., M-261, W-512

Bauer, Mother Cecelia, O.S.B., M-136

Baumgardner, Nina (Quinault), W-486

Baur, Reverend Cyril, O.F.M., M-261

Bavages, Clement, W-105

Bavispe Presido (Bavispe, Mexico), W-104

Bay Mills/Iroquois Mission station (Bay Mills Reservation, Michigan), M-60

Bayley, Archbishop James Roosevelt, E-22, M-261

Baylor University (Waco, Texas), W-471

Bazil (Coeur d'Alene), W-278

Bean, Chief William (Yankton), M-261

Bear Creek station (Cheyenne River Reservation, South Dakota), M-261

Bear Medicine, Henry (Siksika), W-346

Bear Palm station (Minnesota), M-102

Beats the Drum (Siggenauk Interfaith Spiritual Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin), M-261

Beatty, Willard W., M-261

Beaulieu, Charles H. (Ojibwa), M-261

Beaulieu, Jane T. (Ojibwa), M-71, M-261

Beaulieu, Thoodore H. (Ojibwa), M-261

Beaver Bay station (Minnesota), M-70

Beaver, Reverend R. Pierce (Protestant), M-261

Bechard, Reverend Henri, S.J., M-261

Beckman, Bishop Francis J.L., M-261

Beckx, Reverend Peter, S.J., M-110a, W-315

Beclabito station (New Mexico), W-387

Beehler, Mother Benedict, O.S.B., M-136

Begay, Mariana (Navajo), W-346  

Begay, Reverend Joseph N., S.S.J. (Navajo), M-261

Begin, Bishop Floyd L., M-261

Beier, Sister Bridget, C.D.P., W-467

Bejou station (White Earth Reservation, Minnesota), M-83

Bekkers, Reverend B.J., E-32c

Belanger Settlement station (Lac Court Oreille/ Lac Courte Oreille Reservation, Wisconsin), M-242

Belcourt station (Turtle Mountain Reservation, North Dakota), M-139, M-261

Belcourt, Reverend Georges Antoine, M-76, M-94, M-96, M-129, M-134, M-135, M-108 M-261, MB-1, QC-7

Belen Mission (New Mexico), W-346


Bell, Bishop Alden J., M-261

Bellarmine, Reverend Lafortune, S.J., M-261, W-512

Belleau, Reverend Julius M., M-135, M-261, MB-1

Bellido, Fray Manuel, O.F.M., W-382

Bellilfalls station (Wisconsin), M-242, M-273

Bells of Saint Mary's, The (St. Mary School, St. Marys, Alaska), M-261

Bells of St. Ann (St. Ann Mission, Belcourt, Turtle Mountain Reservation, North Dakota), M-125, M-261

Bells of St. Labre (St. Labre School, Ashland, Montana), M-261, W-291

Bells of St. Mary’s, The (St. Mary School, St. Marys/ Adreafsky River/ Akulurak, Alaska), W-307

Belt, R.V., M-261

Beltran, Bishop Eusebius, M-261

Bena station (Leech Lake Reservation, Minnesota), M-89, M-261

Benavides, Fray Alonso, O.F.M., W-381

Benedict, John D., M-261

Benedict, Sister, S.P., M-261, W-507

Benedictines, Assumption Abbey (Richardton, North Dakota), M-96, M-126, M-133, M-135, M-136, M-127b, M-261

Benedictines, Conception Abbey (Conception, Missouri), M-103b, M-126, M-131, M-135, M-261

Benedictines, Mount Angel Abbey (St. Benedict, Oregon), W-32, W-276, W-285, W-287, W-412, W-423

Benedictines, Mount Michael Abbey (Elkhorn, Nebraska), W-262

Benedictines, Ottobeuren Abbey (Innsbruck, Austria), AT-1, W-323, W-329

Benedictines, Our Lady of Einsiedeln Abbey (Einsiedeln, Switzerland), CH-1, M-14

Benedictines, St. Augustine's Abbey (Ramsgate, United Kingdom), M-184, UK-2

Benedictines, St. Gregory's/ Sacred Heart Abbey (Shawnee, Oklahoma) M-145a, M-151, M-153, M-154a, M-155, M-156, M-157, M-152b, M-161, M-162, M-165, M-166, M-169, M-171, M-176, M-177, M-180, M-184, M-185, M-193, M-261

Benedictines, St. John's Abbey (Collegeville, Minnesota), M-66, M-68, M-69, M-70, M-71, M-73, M-79, M-82, M-83, M-87, M-88, M-89, M-91, M-93, M-101a, M-102, M-184, M-261, W-479

Benedictines, St. Meinrad Archabbey/ Abbey (St. Meinrad, Indiana), CH-1, M-14, M-125, M-130, M-131, M-140, M-205, M-207, M-209, M-210, M-211, M-215, M-229b, M-233b, M-234, M-235, M-252, M-261

Benedictines, St. Scholastica’s Monastery (Boerne, Texas), W-439

Benedictines, St. Vincent’s Archabbey (Latrobe, Pennsylvania), W-465

Benedictine Sisters: For a complete listing, consult the Master List of Catholic Groups

Benedictine Sisters (unknown), M-261

Benedictine Sisters of Pontifical Jurisdiction, The Federation of St. Benedict, St. Benedict's Monastery (St. Joseph, Minnesota), M-71, M-91, M-93, M-99, M-102, M-261

Benedictine Sisters of Pontifical Jurisdiction, The Federation of St. Benedict, St. Paul's Monastery (St. Paul, Minnesota), W-305

Benedictine Sisters of Pontifical Jurisdiction, The Federation of St. Gertrude, Monastery Immaculate Conception (Ferdinand, Indiana), M-8, M-125, M-131, M-261

Benedictine Sisters of Pontifical Jurisdiction, The Federation of St. Gertrude, Mother of God Monastery (Watertown, South Dakota), M-237

Benedictine Sisters of Pontifical Jurisdiction, The Federation of St. Gertrude, Mount St. Benedict Monastery (Crookston, Minnesota), M-72

Benedictine Sisters of Pontifical Jurisdiction, The Federation of St. Gertrude, Queen of Peace Monastery (Belcourt, Turtle Mountain Reservation, North Dakota), M-124, M-125, M-240

Benedictine Sisters of Pontifical Jurisdiction, The Federation of St. Gertrude, Sacred Heart Monastery (Richardton, North Dakota), M-133, M-136, M-261

Benedictine Sisters of Pontifical Jurisdiction, The Federation of St. Gertrude, Sacred Heart Monastery (Yankton, South Dakota), M-103b, M-131, M-201a, M-201b, M-221, M-233b, M-237, M-240, M-261

Benedictine Sisters of Pontifical Jurisdiction, The Federation of St. Gertrude, St. Scholastica Monastery (Fort Smith/ Shoal Creek, Arkansas), M-261

Benedictine Sisters of Pontifical Jurisdiction, The Federation of St. Scholastica, St. Joseph's Monastery (Tulsa, Oklahoma), M-105a, M-158, M-190

Benedictine Sisters of Pontifical Jurisdiction, The Federation of St. Gertrude, St. Martin’s Monastery/ Convent (Rapid City, South Dakota), W-305

Benedictine Sisters; see also Missionary Benedictine Sisters

Benevides, Fray Alonso de, O.F.M., W-165

Benjhamin, Reverend Cletus J., M-261

Benkert, Reverend Boniface, O.S.B., M-14

Bennett, Bishop John G., M-261

Bensman, Reverend Virgil, O.F.M., M-261

Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan), M-31

Bentley Mission (Bentley, Oklahoma); see St. Henry/ Bentley Mission and School (Bentley, Oklahoma)

Benton, Thomas H., M-109

Bentor, Sisters Catherine Joseph, C.S.J., W-121

Benzing, Reverend Novatus, O.F.M., M-259, M-261, W-234

Berchmans, Sister, C.S.J., M-261

Beres, Monsignor Francis M., M-261

Berg, Monsignor Arnold J., M-261

Berg, Sister Carol, O.S.B., M-93, M-261

Bergan, Bishop Gerald T., M-118, M-261

Bergan, Reverend William F., M-261

Berger, Reverend Julius J., M-261

Bergh, Reverend Thomas, O.S.B., M-184, UK-2

Bergs, Reverend Frederick J., M-261

Berheide, Reverend Edward, M-14, M-129, M-135, M-261

Beri, Reverend Boniface, O.S.B., M-171, M-261

Bernadette, Mother, O.S.U., M-261, W-307

Bernard, Reverend Joseph, S.J., M-261, W-25, W-512

Bernardin, Archbishop/Bishop Joseph L., M-261

Bernardine, Sister, O.S.U., M-261

Bernardine, Sister, S.P., M-261

Berndt, Abbot Alan, O.S.B., M-14, M-129, M-229b, M-261

Bernick, Reverend Thomas, M-75

Bethel station (Alaska), W-8, W-21

Bexar County Spanish Archives (San Antonio, Texas), W-458, W-469

Beyer, William R., M-261

Bezy, Reverend Gregory, S.C.J., M-229b, M-261

Biblioteca Franciscana y Centro de Estudios Humanísticos, Universidad de las Américas (Puebla, Mexico), MX-9

Biblioteca Nacional de México (Coyoacán, D.F., Mexico), MX-5, W-130, W-378, W-381

Bibliothèque et Archives nationals du Québec (Sainte-Foy, Canada), QC-9

Bibliothèque Nationale (Paris, France), FR-2, W-433

Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana (Rome, Italy), IT-3b, W-130

Bibloteca Archignasio Mezzofanti-Manoscritti (Bologna, Italy), W-381

Big Bend station (Crow Creek Reservation, South Dakota), M-233b, M-261

Big Bend station (Minnesota), M-68

Big Elbow Lake station (White Earth Reservation, Minnesota), M-69, M-83, M-89, M-102, M-261

Big Flats Chapel (Big Flats, Tohono O’odham Reservation, Arizona), W-109

Big Heart Settlement station (Oklahoma), M-176, M-186

Big Turkey, Peter (Brulé), M-261

Binger station (Oklahoma), M-145a

Birch Creek Mission (Blackfeet Reservation, Montana); see Holy Family/ Birch Creek Church/ Mission and School (Browning/ Birch Creek, Blackfeet Reservation, Montana)

Birney, Reverend James D., S.J., M-50, M-261

Bischoff, Reverend William N., S.J., W-512

Bishop Baraga Association (Marquette, Michigan), M-49, M-53, M-76

Bishop Gorman High School (Las Vegas, Nevada), W-333, W-334

Bishop Kelley High School (Tulsa, Oklahoma), W-467

Bishop’s House (Fairbanks, Alaska), W-56

Bishop's Bulletin (Diocese of Sioux Falls, South Dakota), M-229b

Biskup, Bishop George J., M-261

Bitney, Raymond H., M-261

Bittman, Reverend Aloysius, O.S.B., M-126, M-261

Bittman, Reverend Aloysius, O.S.B., M-261

Biwer, Reverend Frank, O.S.C., M-99

Black and Indian Missions Office (Washington, D.C.); see Bureau of Catholic Indian Mission (Washington, D.C.) and Catholic Church, Commission for the Catholic Missions among the Colored People and the Indians (Washington, D.C.)

Black Bear, Deacon Ben, Jr. (Brulé), M-261

Black Coal, Chief (Arapaho), W-528, W-531

Black Elk (Oglala) (1863-1950), M-208, M-261, W-512

Black Elk, Ben (Oglala), M-261

Black Elk, Nicholas W. (Oglala); see Black Elk (Oglala) (1863-1950)

Black Rock station (Navajo Reservation, Arizona), W-81

Black, Anne, W-527

Black, Hugh M., W-307

Blackfeet or Blackfoot Indians; see Siksika Indians

Blackington, Alton, W-268

Bladus, Reverend Leonard, O.M.I., E-8

Blair, Victoria (Navajo), M-261

Blanchard station (Oklahoma), M-180

Blanchet, Archbishop Francis Xavier Norbert, M-11, M-110a, M-118, M-261, W-406, W-419, W-421, W-428

Blanchet, Bishop Augustin Magloire Alexandre, BC-1, BC-2, E-5, M-11, M-261, W-419, W-421, W-505, W-511

Blanco, Gregorio, W-382

Bland, Laurel, W-18

Blanding station (Utah), W-387

Blaszcyk, Reverend Jude, S.C.J., M-229b, M-261

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Academy (Thoreau, New Mexico); see St. Bonaventure School/ Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Academy/ St. Bonaventure/ St. Valerian Mission, Thoreau/ Smith Lake, New Mexico

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Chapel (Fort Hall, Fort Hall Reservation, Idaho), W-276, W-277, W-423, W-512

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Church (Lakeside, California), W-161, W-212

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Church and Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha/ St. Nicholas Center (Tucson, Arizona), E-63, W-108, W-109

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha League (Auriesville, New York), M-261

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Mission and Center (Fort Duchesne, Uintah and Ouray Reservation, Utah), E-77, M-261, W-479, W-480

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Mission and Center/ St. Anthony Mission (Hoopa, Hoopa Valley Reservation, California), M-261, W-125, W-153, W-211, W-240

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Shrine (Archdiocese of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico), W-345

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha/ Sacred Heart Church/ Mission (Wyola, Crow Reservation, Montana), M-38, M-261, W-177, W-300, W-305, W-512

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha/ St. Catherine Mission (Bay Mills, Bay Mills Reservation, Michigan), M-50, M-60, M-61, M-261

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha/ St. Victor Mission (Bylas, San Carlos Reservation, Arizona), M-261, W-96, W-109

Blessed Sacrament Church (Coalgate, Oklahoma), M-146, M-147, M-153, M-171, M-184, M-191, M-261

Blessed Sacrament Church (Elk Rapids, Michigan), M-45, M-57b, M-108

Blessed Sacrament Church (Lawton, Oklahoma), W-467, W-481

Blessed Sacrament Church (Scammon Bay, Alaska), W-13, W-23, W-50, W-512

Blessed Sacrament Church (Lawton, Oklahoma), M-163, M-171

Blessed Sacrament Church/ Mission (Lame Deer, Northern Cheyenne Reservation, Montana), M-261, M-262d, W-290, W-293, W-305, W-317

Blessed Sacrament Church/ St. Leo Mission (Bull Creek, Lower Brule Reservation, South Dakota), M-203, M-226, M-252

Blessed Sacrament Mission/ Chapel (Fort Washakie, Wind River Reservation, Wyoming), M-261, M-264, W-525, W-531

Bloomfield, Leonard, M-31

Blowsnake, Sam (Winnebago), M-261

Blue Cloud Abbey (Marvin, South Dakota); see Benedictines, St. Meinrad Archabbey (St. Meinrad, Indiana)

Blue Cloud Mission (Blue Cloud Abbey, Marvin, South Dakota), M-261

Blue Cloud News (Blue Cloud Abbey, Marvin, South Dakota), M-261

Blue Cloud Quarterly (Blue Cloud Abbey, Marvin, South Dakota), M-261

Blue Cloud, Chief (Yankton); see Bean, Chief William (Yankton)

Bluejacks station (Oklahoma), M-165

Boarding and Industrial School (Bernalillo, New Mexico); see Sisters of Loretto School Bernalillo, New Mexico)

Boardman, Bishop John J., M-261

Boas, Franz, M-261

Bobtail Bull, Maurice (Hunkpapa), M-261

Boeddeker, Reverend Alfred, O.F.M., M-259

Boehm, Reverend Pius, O.S.B., M-14, M-235, M-237, M-240, M-261

Bogg, Bishop Robert W., M-261

Boggy Creek station (Oklahoma), M-145a

Boggy Depot station (Oklahoma), M-153

Boland, Bishop Thomas A., M-261

Boll, Reverend Emile J., S.J., M-261, W-512

Bolton, Herbert E., W-458

Bona, Bishop Stanislaus V., M-250, M-261

Bonaparte, Charles J., M-261

Bonavia, Durango, W-382

Bonduel, Reverend Florimond J., M-11, M-37, M-39, M-250, M-254, M-260b

Bonin, Reverend Louis, M-14, M-96, M-130, M-135, M-261

Bonnin, Gertrude Simmons (Yankton); see Zitkala-Sa (Yankton)

Bonnin, Raymond T. (Yankton), W-478

Bonzano, Archbishop John, M-261

Booth, Monsignor James T., M-261

Bordeaux, John Jr. (Brulé), M-261

Bordeaux, Lionel (Brulé), M-218

Bordeaux, Louis A. (Brulé), M-261

Bordeaux, Philip J. (Brulé), M-261

Bordeaux, Sarah (Brulé), M-261

Borden, Mary J., M-14

Borders, Archbishop William, M-261

Borgerding, Reverend Thomas, O.S.B., M-71, M-72, M-75, M-261

Borgess, Archbishop/ Bishop Caspar H., M-37, M-261

Borromeo, Mother, S.H.C.J., M-5b, M-261

Borromeo, Sister, S.S.J., M-259, M-261

Bosch, Reverend Aloysius, S.J., M-261

Boschi, Reverend John, S.J., M-261, W-512

Bosque Redondo Mission (Bosque Redondo, New Mexico), W-378

Boswell Mission (Boswell, Oklahoma); see St. William Church/ Boswell Mission (Boswell, Oklahoma)

Bottoms, Monsignor A.M., M-261

Bouchard, Reverend James, S.J. (Delaware), W-182, W-419

Boudreaux, Bishop Warren L., M-261

Bougis, Reverend Peter, S.J., M-261, W-512

Boulet, Monsignor J.B., M-261

Boulet, Sister Marie T., O.P., M-268

Bourassa, Daniel J. (Potawatomi), M-261

Bourassa, Peter (Potawatomi), M-261

Bourgade, Archbishop Peter, M-261, W-109, W-378

Bowen, Emanuel, W-446

Bowstring station (Minnesota), M-66, M-69, M-89

Boyd, George, M-261, M-268

Boylan, Archbishop John J., M-261

Boyle, Alice, M-261

Boyle, Bishop Hugh C., M-261

Boyle, Sister Mary Mathias, O.S.F., M-261, W-362, W-363

Brady, Bishop Matthew F., M-261

Brady, Bishop William O., M-14, M-229b, M-261

Brand, Sister Ambrose, O.S.B., M-252

Brasseur, Sister Ida, S.S.A., W-18

Braun, Reverend Albert, O.F.M., M-261

Brave Thunder, Joseph, Sr. (Hunkpapa), M-261

Breiken, Reverend Swithbert, O.S.B., M-184, UK-2

Breitenbeck, Bishop Joseph M., M-261

Brennan, Bishop Andrew James, M-261

Brennan, Bishop Thomas Francis, W-444

Brennan, Reverend Sebastian, O.F.M. Cap., M-261, W-244

Brennecke, Reverend Gerard, O.F.M., M-261, W-234

Briartown station (Oklahoma), M-166

Brickweg, Reverend Blase, O.F.M, M-6, M-261

Bridger station (Cheyenne River Reservation, South Dakota), M-261

Bringas y Encinas, Fray Diego Miguel, O.F.M., W-478

Bringas, Fray Diego, O.F.M., W-116

Brink, Jeanne (Abenaki), E-61

Bristol Bay Netter, The (Fairbanks, Alaska), M-261

British Museum, The (London, United Kingdom), W-130

Brockton Mission/ Chapel (Brockton, Fort Peck Reservation, Montana); see Riverside/ Brockton Mission/ Chapel (Brockton, Fort Peck Reservation, Montana)

Broderick, Archbishop Edwin B., M-261

Brodrick, Reverend James, S.J., W-104

Brom, Bishop Robert Henry, W-212

Brondel, Bishop John B. “Jean-Baptiste,” M-261, W-305, W-314

Bronson, Ruth Muskrat (Cherokee), M-261

Brooks, Reverend Peter, S.J., M-261

Brophy College Preparatory School (Phoenix, Arizona), M-261

Brophy, Ellen, W-104

Brophy, William H., W-104

Brosius, Samuel M. (Sac and Fox), M-261

Brossaerk, Archbishop Arthur, M-261

Brothers of the Sacred Heart (Metuchen, New Jersey), E-33, M-166

Brothers of the Sacred Heart, Generalate (Rome, Italy), IT-4

Brothers of the Sacred Heart, New Orleans Province (New Orleans, Louisiana), IT-4

Brotier, Reverend, S.J., M-261, FR-8

Brouillet, Reverend John Baptiste Abraham, M-96, M-135, M-261, W-184, W-482, W-507, W-517; see also Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions (Washington, D.C.)

Brouillet, Reverend Joseph, E-5

Brown, Bishop Tod David, W-277

Brown, John B., M-261

Brown, Reverend John Joseph, Jr., S.J. (Siksika), E-10, M-261, W-314, W-512

Brown, Sister Mary Editha, S.S.S.F., M-262d

Brown, Sister Maura, C.D.P., W-467

Browning, Daniel M., M-261

Bruckert, Reverend Joseph, S.J., M-261, W-512

Brulé Indians, Dakota Language, M-14, M-94, M-110a, M-141, M-207, M-214b, M-252, M-261

Brulé Indians, DE-2, DE-3, E-26, E-44, IT-57, M-4, M-8, M-20a, M-20b, M-21, M-51, M-55, M-103b, M-105b, M-107, M-110a, M-118, M-119, M-126, M-127b, M-129, M-131, M-141, M-198, M-200, M-201a, M-203, M-204, M-205, M-209, M-214b, M-215, M-217, M-219, M-225, M-226, M-227, M-228a, M-228b, M-229b, M-233b, M-234, M-238, M-239, M-240, M-252, M-261, M-264, W-266; see also Catholic Sioux Congress, St. Mary Society, and St. Joseph Society

Brulé Indians, Genealogical Prospects M-103b, M-105b, M-110a, M-118, M-119, M-126, M-127b, M-129, M-141, M-198, M-200, M-201a, M-203, M-204, M-205, M-209, M-214b, M-215, M-217, M-219, M-225, M-226, M-227, M-228a, M-228b, M-229b, M-233b, M-234, M-238, M-239, M-240, M-252, M-261, M-264, W-266

Brulé Indians, Winter Counts, M-110a, M-207, M-261

Brunett, Archbishop Alexander Joseph, W-505

Brunini, Bishop Joseph B., M-261

Brunsman, Reverend Gaulbert, O.S.B., M-14, M-229b, M-261

Bruté de Rémur, Bishop Simon William Gabriel, S.S., M-10a, M-11, M-106

Bruté Library (Vincennes, Indiana), M-15

Bruyere, Reverend Jacques, S.J., M-261

Brzana, Bishop Stanislaus, M-261

Bucareli y Ursúa, Fray Antonio María de, O.F.M., W-116, W-129, W-230, M-108, W-382, W-433, W-455

Bucher, Reverend Ambrose, O.S.B., M-261

Bucher, Reverend Marcian F., O.F.M., M-259, M-261, W-234

Bucholtz, Reverend Henry A., M-261

Buckley, Sister Catherine Mary, F.S.P.A., M-261

Buckman, Sister Martin, O.S.B., M-240

Bucko, Reverend Raymond, S.J., M-261

Buddy, Bishop Charles Francis, M-261, W-212

Buechel, Reverend Eugene, S.J., M-110a, M-201b, M-228a, M-261

Buehlman, Reverend Gerald, M-14

Buelna, Felix, W-237

Buerkler, Reverend Othmar, O.S.B., M-103b, M-226, M-261

Buffalo Bill Historical Center (Cody, Wyoming), W-527

Buh, Reverend Joseph F., AT-2, M-7, M-11, M-75, M-76, M-91, M-92, M-261

Bull Bear, Deacon Victor (Oglala), M-261

Bull Coming, Kathryn (Cheyenne), W-291, M-261

Bull Coming, Roy (Cheyenne), W-291, M-261

Bull Coming, Russell (Cheyenne), W-291, M-261

Bulletin (League of the Sacred Heart, St. Ignace, Michigan), M-261

Bulletin (Mazzuchelli Guild, Sinsinawa, Wisconsin), M-261

Bulletin (St. Stephen's Mission, St. Stephens, Wind River Reservation, Wyoming), M-261

Bullhead station (Standing Rock Reservation, South Dakota), M-131, M-261

Buntin, John A., M-261

Buranich, Reverend Kurt E., O.F.M., M-261

Burbank station (Oklahoma), M-156, M-176

Burch Chapel (Burch, Fort Peck Reservation, Montana), AT-1, W-323

Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions (Washington, D.C.), E-4, E-5, E-10, E-22, M-0a, M-1a, M-4, M-5b, M-11, M-14, M-24, M-45, M-50, M-61, M-71, M-73, M-93, M-94, M-96, M-98a, M-103b, M-111b, M-112, M-118, M-120, M-126, M-129, M-133, M-135, M-136, M-169, M-171, M-176, M-184, M-190, M-191, M-229b, M-235, M-250, M-252, M-256, M-261, M-272, W-109, W-113, W-116, W-118, W-172, W-184, W-202, W-300, W-307, W-378, W-401; see also Reverend John Baptiste Abraham Brouillet, Mary E. Cole, Charles Ewing, Reverend William Huffer, Monsignor/ Reverend William H. Hughes, Reverend William H. Ketcham, Monsignor Paul A. Lenz, Charles E. Lusk, Inno McGill, John Mullan, Patricia O’Rourke, Reverend W. Carroll Paysse, Sister Mary Ellen Quilty, S.B.S., Reverend Walter J. Schmitz, S.J., Reverend Joseph A. Stephan, Reverend John B. Tennelly, S.S., Reverend Jacob A. Walter, and Reverend Theodore “Ted” Zuern, S.J.

Burger, Reverend Raymond O., M-261

Burke, Bishop Joseph A., M-261

Burke, Charles H., M-261

Burke, Reverend Francis A., M-261

Burke, Reverend James M., M-28

Burnham, Lillian (Navajo), W-346

Burns, Mark L., M-261

Burns, Reverend Clement, M-75, M-261

Burns, Reverend Robert S., S.J., M-261

Burque, Reverend Lucien, M-129, M-261

Burruel, Elijio, W-104

Burruel, Pedro and Jesus, W-104

Burrus, Reverend Ernest J., S.J., W-104

Burt Lake/ Pellston station (Michigan), M-261

Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library (Detroit, Michigan), M-39

Busalt, Reverend Francis, O.F.M. Cap., M-38, M-261

Busch, Bishop Joseph F., E-5, M-261

Busch, Reverend Ron, O.F.M. Cap., M-38

Bush, Sister Eustella Gertrude, S.S.S.F., M-262d

Buswell, Bishop Charles A., M-261

Butler, Mother Joseph, M-197

Byrne, Archbishop Edwin Vincent, M-261, W-378

Byrne, Bishop James J., M-261

Byrne, Bishop Leo C., M-261

Byrne, Cornelius Reverend, S.J., M-261, W-512

Byrne, Ellen Rose, M-261

Byrne, Sister Aniceta, C.S.J., W-172