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Eagle City station (Alaska), W-14

Eagle Mission (Eagle, Alaska); see St. Francis Xavier/ Eagle Mission (Eagle, Alaska)

Eagle station (Oklahoma), M-165

Eagle, The (St. Stephen's School, St. Stephens, Wind River Reservation, Wyoming), M-261

Eagleton station (Wisconsin), M-273

Early, Sister Salesia, C.S.J., W-172

East End station (North Dakota), M-140

East Florida Papers, E-11

Eastern Kansas Register (Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas), M-24, M-28

Eastern Navajo Landowners' Rights Project (Crownpoint, New Mexico), W-439

Eau Claire Lake station (Wisconsin), M-273

Eberschweiler, Reverend Frederick, S.J., W-309, M-261, W-512

Ebner, Reverend Claude, O.S.B., CH-1, M-14, M-71, M-96, M-135, M-261

Ebro station (Minnesota), M-68

Ecclesiastical and Civil History of the Province of Texas, W-455

Echagoyan, Padre Juan de, S.J., W-116

Echeandia, José María, W-234

Echo Schoolhouse station (Oklahoma), M-193

Echoes (Oblate Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, Marty, Yankton Reservation, South Dakota), M-214b, M-261

Echoes from the Queen's Palace (Benedictine Sisters of Pontifical Jurisdiction, Belcourt, North Dakota), M-240

Eckhart, Reverend George J., M-261, W-104

Edelbrock, Abbot Alexius, O.S.B., M-71, M-261

Edele, Reverend Augustine, O.S.B., M-14, M-229b, M-237, M-240, M-261

Edmund, Sister Mary George, S.S.A., M-261, W-18

Edwards, Reverend Lawrence, S.J., M-261

Eells, Reverend Myron, M-261

Egan, Sister Mary Perpetua, M-261

Eglsaer, Reverend Harry, S.J., M-261

Eich, Sister Amalia, O.S.B., M-93

Eis, Reverend Frederick, M-261

Eisenman, Reverend Leonard, M-234, M-261

Eisenman, Reverend Sylvester, O.S.B., M-14, M-214b, M-215, M-261

El Centro Guadalupano Mission (Valley Center, Pauma and Yuma Reservation, California), W-199, W-212

El Maya Católico (Mesa, Arizona), E-7, M-261

El Orcoquisac; see Nuestra Señora de la Luz [El Orcoquisac] Mission (Wallisville, Texas)

El Paso County Historical Society (El Paso, Texas), W-449

El Paso Public Library (El Paso, Texas), W-450

El Paso station (Navajo Reservation, Arizona), W-75

El Rancho de Taos (Taos, New Mexico), W-459

El Señor de los Milagros Mission (Tucson, Arizona), E-63, M-261, W-108, W-109

Elder Creek/ Chelsea Chapel (Fort Peck Reservation, Montana), AT-1, W-323

Elet, Reverend John A., S.J., E-6, E-42, M-110a

Eline, Reverend Aloysius, S.J., W-512

Elk Creek station (Oklahoma), M-145a

Elk Rapids (Michigan), M-261

Elk Rapids station (Michigan), M-46

Elko station (Nevada), M-261

Elliott, Reverend Hildebrand, O.S.B., M-14, M-129, M-261

Ellis, Charles L., M-261

Ely, Reverend Edmund, M-76

Embudo Mission and Catholic Ladies of Columbus School (Embudo, New Mexico), M-261

Emery, Brother, F.S.C., M-0a, M-261

Encinal Visita (Encinal, New Mexico), W-234

Endal, Reverend George S., S.J., M-261

Engel, Abbot Peter, O.S.B., M-71, M-261

Engelhardt, Reverend Zephyrin Carlos, O.F.M., M-108, M-112, M-261, W-165, W-172, W-230, W-234

Entiat Indians, DE-5, IT-57, M-261, MB-3, W-177, W-268, W-419, W-490, W-491, W-493, W-497, W-499, W-500, W-501, W-504, W-505, W-507, W-508, W-509, W-511, W-512, W-513, W-514

Entiat Indians, Genealogical Prospects (Canadian entries not included), M-261, W-419, W-490, W-493, W-497, W-499, W-500, W-501, W-505, W-507, W-511, W-514

Erin Springs station (Oklahoma), M-180, M-261

Erkens, Reverend Joseph D., O.F.M., M-53, M-108, M-261

Erkenswick, Reverend Charles A., M-261

Escalante, Fray Silvestre Velez de, O.F.M., W-480

Escobar y Llamas, Padre Cristóbal de, S.J., W-116

Eskimo (Oblates of Mary Immaculate, Vicariate Apostolate of Hudson Bay, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada), M-261

Eskimo, BC-1, BC-2, BC-3, BC-4, E-25, E-30, E-56, IT-57, M-4, M-108, M-261, M-268, ON-3, QC-3, W-1, W-2, W-3, W-4, W-5, W-6, W-7, W-8, W-9, W-10, W-12, W-13, W-14, W-15, W-18, W-19, W-21, W-23, W-24, W-25, W-26, W-29, W-32, W-33, W-34, W-36, W-37, W-40, W-41, W-43, W-46, W-48, W-49, W-50, W-51, W-54, W-55, W-56, W-57, W-58, W-165, W-177, W-193, W-237, W-265, W-305, W-307, W-346, W-406, W-507, W-509, W-512

Eskimo, Genealogy Prospects (Canadian repositories not included), M-268, W-1, W- 2, W-3, W-4, W-5, W-6, W-7, W-8, W-9, W-10, W-12, W-13, W-14, W-15, W-18, W-19, W-23, W-26, W-29, W-32, W-33, W-34, W-36, W-37, W-40, W-41, W-43, W-46, W-48, W-49, W-50, W-51, W-54, W-55, W-56, W-57, W-58, W-237, W-305, W-307, W-507

Eskimo, Inuit Language, M-261, W-512

Eskimo, Yupic Language, M-261, W-512

Espelage, Bishop Bernard Theodore, O.F.M., M-6, M-261, W-116, W-118, W-119, W-356

Espíritu Santo Visita (Texas), W-434; see also Nuestra Señora del Espíritu Santo de Zúñiga [La Bahia] Mission (Goliad/ Mission Valley/ Matagorda Bay, Texas)

Esselen Indians , MX-1, MX-3, MX-9, W-106, W-129, W-130, W-131, W-165, W-184, W-187, W-204, W-230, W-234, W-237, W-243, W-257, W-481

Esselen Indians, Genealogy Prospects (Mexican repositories not included), W-106, W-130, W-184, W-187, W-234, W-243, W-481

Esser, Abbot Ignatius, O.S.B., M-14, M-216, M-235, M-261

Estudillo, José María, W-224

Eufala station (Oklahoma), M-161, M-162, M-164, M-191

Eugster, Reverend Gall, O.S.B., M-261

Eureka station (Wisconsin), M-241

Eustace, Bishop Bartholomew J., M-261

Evangelista, Sister, S.L., M-261

Ewens, Sister Mary, O.P., M-261

Ewing, Charles, E-5, E-22, M-261, W-184, W-378, W-482; see also Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions (Washington, D.C.)

Excess City Chapel (Excess City, Fort Peck Reservation, Montana), AT-1, W-323

Eyapaha (Red Cloud School, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota), M-261

Ezell, Paul, W-104