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Facemaz, Mother St. John, C.S.J., M-112

Fagan, Reverend Bernard D., S.J., M-261

Fairbank, Agnes (Ojibwa); see Agnes Fairbank Anymahsung (Ojibwa)

Fairfax station (Osage Reservation, Oklahoma), M-156, M-176, M-261

Falconio, Cardinal Diomede, M-261

Fall’s River station (Oregon), W-431

Falla-Sanchez, Padre Ricardo, S.J., M-261

Fallert, Francis Reverend, S.J., M-261, W-512

Family Circular (Congregation of the Divine Providence, San Antonio, Texas) W-467

Fankoviz, Reverend Alexander K., W-88

Fargis, Joseph H., M-261

Farley, Cardinal/ Archbishop John M., M-261

Father Silver's News-letter (Keams Canyon Mission, Keams/ Keams Canyon, Navajo Reservation, Arizona), M-261

Faust, Reverend M., M-261

Favreau, Reverend Leon, M-135, M-136, M-261

Fawfaw, William, (Otoe), M-261

Federal, Bishop Joseph Lennox, M-261, W-480

Feeney, Bishop Daniel J., M-261

Fehrenbach, Reverend Peter, O.S.B., M-135, M-261

Feisst, Reverend Cyril A., M-261

Felician Sisters, Generalate (Rome, Italy), IT-20

Felician Sisters, Mother of Good Counsel Province (Chicago, Illinois), IT-20, M-3

Feltes, Brother George, S.J., W-18

Feltes, Reverend Charles J., M-261

Female Indian School (Florissant, Missouri), M-106, M-114

Fence Lake Mission (Fence Lake, New Mexico), W-356

Fencl, Reverend Leonard J., S.J., M-261

Fenwick, Bishop Edward D., O.P., AT-2, E-45, M-11, M-39

Fer, Nicholas de, W-446

Fern station (Michigan), M-46, M-57b

Ferretti, Reverend Augustine J., S.J., M-261

Feusi, Reverend Balthasar, S.J., M-261, W-512

Fickinger, Paul L., M-261

Figge, Reverend Leo, O.M.I., E-8

Figuerdo, Reverend Rogue de, O.F.M., W-397

Figueroa, Reverend Paul, M-261, W-104

Fills the Pipe, Silas (Oglala), M-261

Filteau, Reverend Jerome, M-129

Finnigan, Bishop George Joseph, M-261, W-314

Finotti, Reverend Joseph M., M-39, M-261

Fisher, Reverend Burcard, O.F.M., M-261

Fiske, Frank B., M-103b, M-141, M-240, M-261

Fissler, Sister Consuelo, O.P., M-261, M-268, W-513

Fitzgerald, Bishop Edward A., M-261

Fitzgerald, Monsignor William F., S.J., M-261

Fitzgerald, Reverend E.H., M-261

Fitzgerald, Reverend Vincent J., O.M.I., E-8, M-75

Fitzgerald, Reverend Walter J., S.J., M-261

Fitzmaurice, Bishop John, M-261

Fitzpatrick, Mary Ann, M-268

Fitzpatrick, Mother Mary Elizabeth, S.B.S., M-261

Fitzpatrick, Reverend Timothy, C.P., M-261

Fitzsimon, Bishop Lawrence J., M-261

Five Mile Creek station (Michigan), M-46

Flambeaufarm station (Wisconsin), M-242, M-246

Flanagan, Bishop/ Reverend Bernard J., M-261

Flannigan, Reverend John G., S.J., M-261

Flannigan, Reverend John P., S.J.,

Flasch, Bishop Kilian C., M-255, M-261

Flat Lake station (Minnesota), M-89

Flathead Indians; see Salish Indians

Flavin, Reverend Glennon P., M-261

Fletcher, Bishop Albert L., M-261

Fletcher, J.E., M-94

Fletcher, Reverend Alphonsus, S.J., M-261, W-511

Floersh, Archbishop John A., M-261

Flores, Archbishop Patrick Fernandez, M-261, W-457

Flores, Robert (Paiute), W-149

Florez, Manuel Antonio, W-382, W-455

Florian, Reverend Martin, W-327

Florida, PE-1

Flying By's Camp station (South Dakota), M-131

Flynn, Reverend William J., M-261

Foery, Bishop Walter A., M-261

Foffa, Reverend John Chrysostom, O.S.B.,CH-1, M-14, M-71, M-261

Fohrman, Reverend Mathias, S.C J., M-261

Folchi, Reverend A.M., S.J., M-261

Foltz, Monsignor Henri I., M-261

Fond du Lac Reservation station (Minnesota), M-70, M-91, M-242, M-261, M-273

Fonda Tekakwitha News/ Newsletter (National Shrine of Kateri Tekakwitha, Fonda, New York), M-261

Font, Fray Pedro, O.F.M., W-104, W-234

Fontaine, Stanley A. (Ojibwa), M-261

Fontana, Bernard L., W-104, W-116, W-156

Fools Crow, Frank, M-261

Foraker station (Oklahoma), M-156, M-176

Forbes, Reverend Eugene A., M-261

Forest County Reservation (Crandon, Wisconsin), M-149b

Forest station (Scott County, Mississippi), E-32b

Forgett, Sister Mary Evangelist, R.S.M., M-111a

Forner, Reverend B.N., M-191

Forner, Reverend George, M-191

Fort Assiniboine Reservation station (Montana), W-303

Fort Benton station (Montana), W-303

Fort Cobb station (Oklahoma), M-145a

Fort Dalles Museum (The Dalles, Oregon), W-430

Fort Dearborn (Chicago, Illinois), M-1b

Fort Duchesne station (Uintah and Ouray Reservation, Utah), W-479

Fort George station (Lower Brule Reservation, South Dakota), M-233b

Fort George (Washington State), MB-3

Fort Gibson station (Oklahoma), M-161, M-162, M-164, M-166, M-191, M-194

Fort Keogh, Montana, E-5

Fort Kipp Chapel (Fort Kipp, Fort Peck Reservation, Montana), AT-1

Fort Laramie Archives (Laramie, Wyoming), M-208

Fort Lewis College, Center for Southwest Studies (Durango, Colorado), W-268

Fort Mojave Reservation station (California), W-190, W-208

Fort Nez Perce (Washington State), MB-3

Fort Reno station (Oklahoma), M-155, M-161, M-171, M-174, M-180

Fort Ross (California), W-234

Fort Sill station (Oklahoma), M-145a, M-155, M-161, M-163, M-171, M-180

Fort Simpson station (British Columbia, Canada); see Port/ Fort Simpson station (British Columbia, Canada)

Fort Sumner Mission (Fort Sumner, New Mexico), W-346, W-378

Fort Washakie station (Wind River Reservation, Wyoming), W-531

Fort Wingate station (New Mexico), M-261

Fort Yukon (Alaska), MB-3

Forty Martyrs Mission (Plenty Bears, South Dakota), M-222

Four Mile Creek station (Oklahoma), M-165

Fox Indians; see Sac and Fox Indians

Fox, Reverend Adrian, O.S.B., M-73, M-261

Fox, Reverend Emeran, M-272, M-261

Fox, Reverend Francis J., S.J., M-261, W-177

Fox, Reverend John P., S.J., M-261, W-23, W-512

Fox, Reverend Thomas G., M-250

Francis, John L., M-261

Franciscans, Conversion of St. Paul Custody (Santo Domingo de Guzmán Mission, Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico), IT-21, W-378, W-451

Franciscans, General Headquarters (Rome, Italy), IT-21, W-106

Franciscans (Mexico City), W-382

Franciscans, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de Zacatecas College (Zacatecas, Mexico), IT-21, MX-5, W-106, W-234, W-433, W-436, W-437, W-460, W-461, W-464, W-465, W-466, W-470, W-471

Franciscans, Our Lady of Guadalupe Province (Albuquerque, New Mexico), E-46, IT-21, W-64, W-69, W-70, W-74, W-75, W-78, W-79, W-80, W-81, W-94, W-95, W-103, W-345, W-352, W-354, W-358, W-360, W-361, W-362, W-364, W-365, W-370, W-374, W-376, W-380, W-387, W-393, W-397

Franciscans, Province of Holy Evangel of Our Holy Father San Francisco; see Franciscans, Santo Evangelico Province (Mexico City, Mexico)

Franciscans, Sacred Heart Province (St. Louis, Missouri), IT-21, M-31, M-41, M-53, M-56, M-57a, M-57b, M-59, M-108, M-241, M-242, M-243, M-250, M-254, M-257, M-261, M-262a, M-265, M-269, M-270, M-272, M-273, W-19, W-21, W-29, W-35, W-44, W-47, W-68, W-69, W-70, W-100, W-113, W-199, W-234, W-403, W-408, W-464, W-465

Franciscans, San Augustine Monastery (Mexico City, Mexico), W-455

Franciscans, Santa Barbara Province (Oakland, California), E-46, IT-21, M-261, W-66, W-68, W-76, W-77, W-85, W-91, W-92, W-93, W-96, W-99, W-100, W-102, W-106, W-113, W-118, W-127, W-130, W-159, W-165, W-175, W-176, W-182, W-195, W-199, W-217, W-234, W-241, W-251, W-350, W-356, W-365, W-367, W-475

Franciscans, Santa Cruz de Querétaro College (Queretaro, Mexico), IT-21, MX-5, W-106, W-113, W-116, W-433, W-436, W-437, W-455, W-456, W-460, W-466, W-470, W-471

Franciscans, Santa Elena de la Florida Province (St. Augustine, Florida), E-11, IT-21

Franciscans, Santiago Province (Guadalajara, Mexico), W-433

Franciscans, Santo Evangelico Province (Mexico City, Mexico), IT-21, MX-5, MX-9, W-106, W-372, W-109, W-130, W-136, W-146, W-163, W-165, W-175, W-176, W-182, W-195, W-199, W-213, W-217, W-219, W-221, W-225, W-226, W-228, W-230, W-231, W-232, W-234, W-237, W-238, W-241, W-243, W-244, W-252, W-255, W-268, W-340, W-341, W-346, W-348, W-352, W-361, W-362, W-364, W-371, W-375, W-378, W-383, W-388, W-389, W-390, W-397, W-478, W-482

Franciscans, St. John Baptist Province (Cincinnati, Ohio), E-46, IT-21, M-35, M-261, W-64, W-74, W-75, W-76, W-77, W-78, W-79, W-80, W-81, W-91, W-92, W-94, W-95, W-96, W-99, W-103, W-116, W-118, W-234, W-341, W-343, W-345, W-349, W-351, W-352, W-353, W-354, W-358, W-360, W-362, W-364, W-365, W-367, W-370, W-374, W-378, W-380, W-387, W-393, W-397, W-475

Franciscan Herald (Franciscans, Sacred Heart Province, St. Louis, Missouri), M-108, M-261

Franciscan Missions of the Southwest, The (Society for the Preservation of the Faith Among Indian Children, St. Michael's Mission, St. Michaels, Arizona), M-261, W-109

Franciscan Sisters: For a complete listing, consult the Master List of Catholic Groups

Franciscan Sisters (unknown), M-0b, M-261

Franciscan Sisters (Clinton, Iowa), M-16, M-121

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity (Manitowoc, Wisconsin), M-35, M-247, M-259, M-265, M-266a, W-92, W-93, W-102, W-113, W-234

Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Kirkwood, Missouri), W-358

Franciscan Sisters of Peace (Haverstraw, New York), E-39, W-397

Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration (La Crosse, Wisconsin), M-241, M-256, M-261, M-272

Franciscan Sisters of the Atonement (Garrison, New York), E-37, W-479, W-480

Franciscan Sisters of the Poor (Cincinnati, Ohio), W-65

Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, Generalate (Brooklyn, New York), E-35

Franciscan Tewa Missions (Espanola, New Mexico); see San Diego Church/ San Diego de Alcalá de Tesuque/ San Lorenzo de Tesuque Mission (Tesuque Pueblo, Tesuque Reservation, New Mexico), San Ildefonso Church/ Mission  (San Ildefonso Pueblo, San Ildefonso Reservation, New Mexico), and Santa Clara Church/ Santa Clara de Asís Mission (Santa Clara Pueblo, Santa Clara Reservation, New Mexico)

Francisco de los Dolores, Fray Mariano O.F.M., W-433

Franco, Sister Mary Joseph, C.S.J., M-112, W-172

Frank, Monsignor Henry, M-261

Frankfurter, Felix, M-261

Fransler, S.J., M-103b

Frech, Reverend Vincent, O.S.B., M-226, M-261

Frechette, Evelyn (Menominee), M-261

Frechette, James G. (Menominee), M-261

Fredenberg, Ralph, M-261

Freeman's Journal and Catholic Register, M-11; see also James A. McMaster

Freking, Bishop Frederick W., M-261

Fremdling, Reverend Lambert, O.F.M., M-261

Freri, Reverend Joseph, M-261

Freshman Voices (Red Cloud School, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota), M-261

Fresnal Village Mission (Fresnal Village, Arizona); see St. Paul Mission/ Chapel (Fresnal/ Fresnal Canyon, Tohono O’odham Reservation, Arizona)

Frieden, Reverend John P., S.J., M-261

Fronteras Presidio (Fronteras, Mexico), W-104

Fruitland station (New Mexico), W-387

Fruth, Reverend Alban B., O.S.B., M-70, M-71, M-73, M-75, M-91, M-261

Fuchs, Reverend Athanase, O.S.B., M-75, M-261

Fuchs, Reverend Louis, O.S.B., M-14, M-216

Fuerstenberg, Reverend Maurus, M-171, M-173, M-261

Funcke, Reverend Walter, M-261

Furey, Archbishop/ Bishop Francis James, M-261, W-212

Futrell, Reverend John, S.J., M-261