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La Aribac Mission (Arivaca, Arizona), W-104

La Bahía del Espiritu Santo Cavalry, W-459

La Bahía Mission (Matagorda Bay, Texas); see Nuestra Señora del Espíritu Santo de Zúñiga [La Bahía] Mission (Goliad/ Mission Valley/ Matagorda Bay, Texas)

La Casa de Nuestra Señora, Madonna House Apostolate (Winslow, Arizona), ON-1, W-119; see also Madonna House Apostolate (Combermere, Canada)

La Farge, Oliver, M-261

La Fleche, Reverend J., M-135, M-261, MB-1

La Flesche, Rosa Bourassa (Ojibwa), M-261

La Fleur, Reverend J. A., S.J., M-261

La Fortune, Reverend Bellarmine, S.J., M-261, W-18, W-237, W-512

La Hailandiere, Bishop Celestine de, M-11

La Mere, George (Winnebago), M-261

La Mere, Willard E. (Winnebago), M-261

La Moose, Joe (Coeur d'Alene), W-320

La Motte, Reverend George de, S.J., M-261, W-512

La Mousse, Louis Ignace (Coeur d'Alene), M-261

La Navidad en las Cruces Mission (Presidio, Texas), MX-1, W-106, W-444, W-448

La Placita Church; see Our Lady Queen of Angels Church (Los Angeles, California)

La Pointe, Reverend Edmond, W-213

La Pointe, Reverend Edward, W-184

La Purísima Concepción de Aquico Mission (Hawikuh, New Mexico), W-234

La Purísima Concepción de Maria Santisima Mission (Lompoc, California), MX-3, MX-9, W-104, W-106, W-130, W-131, W-137, W-140, W-141, W-156, W-157, W-163, W-165, W-175, W-176, W-184, W-186, W-188, W-204, W-205, W-210, W-215, W-217, W-218, W-220, W-229, W-230, W-234, W-235, W-237, W-239, W-244, W-245, W-246, W-257, W-481, W-482

La Purísima Concepción de Quarai Mission (Socorro/ Mountainair, New Mexico); see Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción de Quarai Mission (Socorro/ Montainair, New Mexico)

La Purísima/ Nuestra Señora de la Limpia Concepción del Socorro Church/ Mission (Socorro/ Socorro del Sur, Texas), MX-1, W-106, W-378, W-382, W-389, W-433, W-437, W-444, W-448, W-449, W-451, W-452, W-468, W-470

La Purísima/ Nuestra Señora de la Limpia Concepción del Socorro Church (Socorro/ Socorro del Sur, Texas),

La Purísma Concepción de [Nuestra Señora de] Caborca Mission (Heroica/ Caborca, Mexico), W-117, W-130

La Push station (Quileute Reservation, Washington), M-261

La Rush, Sister Sirilla Fabiola, S.S.S.F., M-262d, M-270

La Salle René Robert Cavelier Sieur de, M-261

Laboreria, Fray Pedro, O.F.M., W-382

Lac Court Oreilles Day School (Reserve, Lac Court Oreilles Reservation, Wisconsin), M-98a, M-261, M-270

Lac Court Oreilles Reservation station (Wisconsin), M-242, M-270

Lacombe, Reverend Albert (Métis), O.M.I., AB-1, M-261

Lady Missionaries of Mary (Omak, Colville Reservation, Washington), M-261, W-501, W-513

Laguna Indians, E-46, M-261, MX-1, MX-9, W-106, W-234, W-267, W-346, W-355, W-356, W-359, W-361, W-364, W-369, W-378, W-380, W-386, W-481, W-482

Laguna Indians, Genealogy Prospects (Mexican repositories not included), M-261, W-106, W-267, W-355, W-356, W-359, W-361, W-364, W-369, W-378, W-380, W-386, W-481

Laguna Mission/ Chapel (Laguna Pueblo, Laguna Reservation, New Mexico); see St. Joseph Church/ San José de la Laguna Mission/ Chapel (Laguna Pueblo, Laguna Reservation, New Mexico)

Lajoie, Reverend John M., S.J., W-512

Lake County stations (California), W-159

Lake Mohonk Conference on the Indian, M-261

Lake station (Newton and Scott Counties, Mississippi), E-32b, E-32c

Lake Traverse, South Dakota, MB-3

Lake Winnibigoshish station (Minnesota), M-66, M-69, M-70, M-91, M-102

Lally, John A., W-145

Lamb, Reverend William P., M-261

Lamb, Sister Alphonse, C.S.J., W-172

Lamb, Sister Alphonse, S.C.J., M-112

Lame Deer station (Northern Cheyenne Reservation, Montana), M-261

Lammert, Reverend Agnellus, O.F.M., M-261

Lampe, Reverend Simon, O.S.B., M-70, M-71, M-261

Lamy, Archbishop Jean Baptiste, E-5, M-261, W-264, W-378, W-382

Landman, A.M., M-261

Lane, Bishop Loras T., M-261

Lane, Franklin K., M-261

Lanerath, Reverend John a Cruce, O.F.M., M-261

Lannon, Reverend J.J., W-526

Lantry station (South Dakota), M-203

Lapointe, Reverend Eugene, O.S.B., M-261

LaPointe, Frank (Brulé), M-218, M-261

Larabee, C.F., M-261

Laracy, Brother John, M-169, M-184, M-261

Las Coyotes Rancheria Mission (Las Coyotes Rancheria, California), M-261

Las Flores Asistencia (San Diego County, California), MX-3, MX-9, W-106, W-184, W-234

Lasuén, Fray Fermin de, O.F.M., W-129, W-163, W-234

Laugel, Brother Giles, O.S.B.,M-14, M-129, M-261

Laughi, Cardinal Pio, M-261

Lautishar, Reverend Lawrence, M-91

Laux, Reverend John W., S.J., M-261

LaVigna, M., W-309

Lavin, Sister Mary Thomas, C.S.J., W-121

Lawler, Bishop John J., M-119, M-226, M-252, M-261

Lawler, Monsignor James M., M-261

Lawless, Reverend Joseph, C.S.J., M-40, M-50, M-61, M-261

Lawton, Reverend Howard P., M-261

Layne, William R., M-261

Le Blond, Bishop Charles Hubert, M-261

Leahy, Reverend William P., M-261

Leal, Padre Antonio, S.J., W-116

Leaven, The (Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, Kansas City, Kansas), M-24, M-28

Ledvina, Monsignor Emmanuel B., M-261

Leech Lake Reservation station (Minnesota), M-91, M-102, M-261

Lefevere, Bishop Peter P., M-11, M-37

Legare, Bishop Henri, O.M.I., M-261

Leigh station (Oklahoma), M-153

Leipzig, Bishop Francis P., M-261

Lemay, Sister Justin, C.S.J., M-112

Lemire, Reverend Elias, M-75, M-261

Lenapa station (Oklahoma), M-166

Lenihan, Bishop Mathias Clement, M-261, W-305

Lenihan, Bishop Thomas M., M-261

Lenz, Monsignor Paul A., M-261, W-202; see also Catholic Church, Commission for Catholic Missions among the Colored People and the Indians [Black and Indian Mission Office] (Washington, D.C.)

Lenzlinger, Reverend Anselm, O.S.B., M-261

Leo XIII, Pope, W-381

Leonard Settlement station (Oklahoma), M-165

Leopoldinen-Stiftung im Kaisertume Oesterreich (Vienna, Austria), AT-2, M-11, M-49, M-261

Lesser Brothers (Franciscans, Sacred Heart Province, Chicago, Illinois), M-108, M-261

Letourneau, Henri, W-307

Lettau, Reverend John J., M-261

Leup, Francis E., M-261

Leupp station (Navajo Reservation, Arizona), W-120

Leute, Reverend Charles J., O.P. (Sac & Fox), M-222, M-261

Leutmer, Reverend Justin, O.S.B., M-71

Levada, Archbishop William Joseph, W-419

Levasseur, Reverend William G., S.J., M-261

Levi, Sister Carolissa, F.S.P.A., M-256

Levi-Strauss, Claude, M-261

Lewis County Historical Museum (Chehalis, Washington), W-489

Library and Archives Canada (Ottawa, Canada), ON-2

Library of Congress (Washington, D.C.), E-11, W-458; see also American Folklife Center (Washington, D.C.)

Life Sharing Center (Tuba City, Arizona), W-164, W-356

Ligutti, Monsignor Luigi G., M-261

Lillis, Bishop Thomas F., M-261

Lillivole station (Oklahoma), M-178

Lily of the Mohawks (Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha League, Auriesville, New York), M-261

Lime Stone Gap station (Oklahoma), M-153

Limpia Concepción de Halona Mission, La (Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico); see Our Lady of Guadalupe/ La Limpia Concepción de Halona/ Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de Halona Mission (Halona, Zuni Reservation, New Mexico)

Lincoln County Historical Society (Newport, Oregon), W-416

Lincoln, Sister Mary Angela, O.S.U., M-261

Lindesmith, Reverend Eli W.J., E-5, M-261

Lindley, Lawrence E., M-261

Lindsay station (Oklahoma), M-151

Link, The (Oblates of Mary Immaculate, Vicariate Apostolate of Hudson Bay, Canada), M-261

Lissner, Reverend Ignatius, M-261

Littenecker, Mother/ Sister Mary Julia, C.S.J., M-112, W-172

Little Big Horn College (Crow Agency, Crow Reservation, Montana), W-295

Little Bronzed Angel, The (St. Paul Mission, Marty, Yankton Reservation, South Dakota), M-214a, M-216, M-235, M-261

Little Coyote, Henry (Cheyenne), M-261, W-291

Little Diomede Island station (Alaska), M-268

Little Eagle station (South Dakota), M-261

Little Five Miles station (Oklahoma), M-165

Little Flower Church (Browning, Blackfeet Reservation, Montana), M-261, W-177, W-296, W-298, W-314, W-315, W-319, W-346, W-512

Little Flower Church/ Mission (Kaltag, Alaska); see Church of St. Theresa, The Little Flower (Kaltag, Alaska)

Little Flower Church/ Mission / Inn (Vineland, Mille Lac Reservation, Minnesota); see St. Therese Church/ Little Flower Mission/ Inn (Onamia/ Vineland, Mille Lac Reservation, Minnesota)

Little Flower Mission (Kaltag, Alaska); see St. Teresa [Little Flower of Jesus] Church/ Mission (Kaltag, Alaska)

Little Flower of Jesus/ Little Flower Church/ Mission (Hooper Bay, Alaska), M-261, W-13, W-23, W-50, W-177, W-512

Little Flower School (St. Michael, Fort Totten/ Devil's Lake Reservation, North Dakota),M-14, M-129, M-140, M-216, M-261, QC-6

Little Monitor (Benedictines, South Dakota), M-216

Little Sioux, The (St. Francis Mission, St. Francis, Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota), M-261

Little Sisters of Jesus (unknown), W-43

Little Thunder, Chief (Ojibwa), M-261

Little Washita station (Oklahoma), M-145a

Llano de San Juan Mission (Peñasco, Picuris Reservation, New Mexico), M-261

Llera Mission (Mexico), W-455

Llorente, Segundo Reverend, S.J., M-261, W-512

Lloyd, Reverend Patrick, M-209

Lloyd, Sister Geraldine, R.S.M., M-111a

Lochman, Reverend P.J., M-247, M-250, M-261

Locke, Major Victor M., Jr., Principal Chief (Choctaw), M-191, M-261

Locnikar, Abbot Bernard, O.S.B., M-71

Locnikar, Reverend Florian, O.S.B., M-71, M-261

Loeffler, Reverend Optatus, O.F.M., M-108, M-261

Loeser, Reverend A.F., M-261

Lohmiller, Charles B., M-261

Lonergan, Phillip T., M-261

Lonnergan, Mother Mary Aloysius, R.S.M., M-111a, M-261

Lonneux, Reverend Martin J., S.J., E-5, M-261, W-58, W-512

Lookeba station (Oklahoma), M-145a, M-163, M-171

Loon Lake station (Wisconsin), M-241

Loop, William T., W-165

López, Fray Baldomero O.F.M., W-234

López, Padre Ramón O.P., W-234

Loras, Bishop Mathias, M-18, M-76, M-94, M-96, M-106

Lorenzana, Archbishop Francisco Antonio, O.F.M., W-129

Lorenzo, Edith (Laguna), W-346

Lorscheid, Reverend Francis J., S.A.C., M-129, M-261

Los Coyotes Mission (Los Coyotes Reservation, California), W-241

Los Nogales de Elias Mission (Calabazas, Arizona), W-104

Los Santos Ángeles de Guevavi/ San Gabriel de Guevavi/ San Gabriel y San Rafael/ San Miguel Mission(Guevavi, Arizona), MX-1, W-106, W-109, W-113, W-117, W-234, W-366, W-481

Los Santos Reyues/ San José de Sonoita Visita (Sonoita, Arizona), MX-1, MX-6, W-104, W-106, W-117

Los Santos, Phyllis de (Aguas Calientes), W-149

Loth, Sister Antoinette, C.D.P., W-467

Lotter, Reverend Paul, O.S.B., M-135, M-136, M-261

Louise, Sister Mary Anna, O.S.F., M-261

Louise, Sister Mary, O.S.U., M-261

Louismet, Reverend Savinian, M-191, M-261

Lourdes Church and School (Lourdes, Tohono O’odham Reservation, Arizona), W-109

Love, Reverend John W., M-261

Lovelock Colony station (Lovelock, Nevada), M-274b, W-336

Lower Assiniboine Church (Fort Peck/ Milk River Reservation, Montana), W-314

Lowie, Robert H., E-5, M-261

Loyato, Miguel Antonio, W-346

Loyens, Reverend William, S.J., W-18

Loyola station (Alaska), M-261

Loyola University of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois), M-4, W-531

Loyola, Ugarte y, W-382

Lucchesi, Reverend Giovanni “John” L., S.J., M-261, W-512

Lucero, Rosinda (Isleta), W-346

Lucero, Tony (Isleta), W-346

Luck station (Wisconsin), M-241

Ludwigs Verein (Munich, Germany), DE-1, M-11, M-49

Luengo, Fray Antonio, O.F.M., W-455

Luetmer, Reverend Justin, O.S.B., M-261

Lugo, Fray Alonzo de, O.F.M., W-362

Luiseño Indians; see Aguas Calientes Indians

Lummi Indians, BE-1, M-261, W-177, W-484, W-485, W-487, W-492, W-505, W-508, W-512, W-516

Lummi Indians, Genealogy Prospects (Canadian repositories not included), M-261, W-484, W-492, W-505, W-516, W-505

Lummi Reservation station (Washington State), M-261

Lummi Tribal Archives and Records Center (Bellingham/ Lummi, Lummi Reservation, Washington), W-485

Lummis, Charles Fletcher, W-116, W-165, W-184, W-346, W-388

l'Université catholique de Louvain (Leuven, Belgium), BE-1

Lurie, Nancy O., M-261

Lusk, Charles Stoner, M-136, M-261, W-70, W-116, W-172, W-184, W-234, W-244; see also Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions (Washington, D.C.)

Lutsen station (Minnesota), M-79

Lyford, Lois, W-307

Lynch, Bishop Joseph P., M-261, W-444

Lynch, Reverend George E., M-261

Lynch, Sister Mary Ignatius, R.S.M., M-120

Lyon, Reverend George, O.S.B., M-12, M-216, M-229b

Lyons, Sister Madeline, C.S.J., M-112