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Zalvidea, Fray José Maria de, O.F.M., W-230, W-234

Zaplotnik, Reverend John L., M-75, M-261

Zapotec Indians, M-261

Zdechlik, Reverend Humphrey, O.S.B., M-73, M-75, M-261

Zeinos, Fray Diego, O.F.M., W-382

Zens, Sister Mary Serena, O.S.B., M-237

Zephier, David (Yankton), M-261

Zerbes, Reverend Ervin, M-129

Zia Indians, M-261, MX-1, MX-9, W-106, W-261, W-264, W-346, W-347, W-378

Zia Indians, Genealogy Prospects (Mexican repositories not included), M-261, W-378

Zia Mission (Zia Pueblo, New Mexico); see Our Lady of the Asuncion Church/ Nuestra Señora de la Asunción de Zia Mission (Zia Pueblo, Zia Reservation, New Mexico)

Zia Pueblo station (Zia Reservation, New Mexico), M-261

Ziebach, Charles M., M-261

Zimmerman, Reverend Joseph A., S.J., M-228a, M-261

Zimmerman, William J., M-261

Zitkala-Sa (Yankton), M-261, W-478

Zittier, Reverend Lucius, O.F.M., M-261, W-234

Zorn, Reverend P.C., M-261

Zorn, Reverend P.S., M-37, M-39

Zryd, Monsignor Joseph L., M-261

Zubiría y Escalante, Bishop José Antonio Laureano de, W-378

Zuercher, Reverend Albert C., S.J., M-261

Zuercher, Reverend Joseph F., S.J., M-261

Zuern, Reverend Theodore “Ted” F., S.J. M-261

Zuni Drums (St. Anthony School, Zuni Pueblo, Zuni Reservation, New Mexico), W-261

Zuni Indians, E-39, E-46, M-4, M-10b, M-261, MX-1, MX-9, W-106, W-165, W-234, W-261, W-267, W-268, W-355, W-356, W-359, W-361, W-369, W-376, W-379, W-386, W-397, W-481, W-482

Zuni Indians, Genealogy Prospects (Mexican repositories not included), M-261, W-234, W-267, W-355, W-356, W-357, W-358, W-359, W-361, W-369, W-376, W-379, W-481

Zuniga, José de, W-116

Zuroweste, Bishop Albert R., M-261