Timeline JS

A web-based timeline creator. Allows beginner users to make a full timeline presentation from a provided Google Doc spreadsheet template, and more experienced users full creative control for custom installations.

Entry-level, Presentations, Freeware

StoryMaps JS

A web-based interactive map creator. Equipped with Google Maps software to easily search for world locations through specific addresses or key words. Allows the user to add images to better display the location. Great for history, geography, cultural studies classes. You must login with a Google account to access it.

Entry-level, Presentations, Freeware


A web-based infographic generator and slideshow creator. Equipped with a collection of icons and graphics, PiktoChart allows you to easily create presentation materials that can be shared via social media or downloaded as a JPG. Some features are limited to their premium accounts. You must register for an individual account to use it.

Entry-level, Presentations, Infographic


Allows a teacher to create a video prompt and then students respond to the prompt and each other in 90 second video responses.

Media editing, Interactive learning, Entry-level


Allows for faculty to do game-based quizzes.

Interactive learning, Freeware


An XML editor that's great for beginners too. An excellent resource for projects using Text Encoding Initiative (TEI). Available on select machines within the open lab.

Analysis, Web publishing

Tableau Public

A set of data analysis and visualization products, great for understanding and representing data in innovative ways. Tableau Public is free to download. The full Tableau license is available on the visualization station in the Lab.

Visualization, Analysis, Presentation

Power BI

A data visualization suite by Microsoft. Power Bi transforms data into visuals for better understanding. Great for organizing and collecting data to monitor business. Available on every device. Available throughout the library and through Marquette's Office360 (office.mu.edu).

Visualization, Analysis, Presentation

Adobe Creative Cloud

The entire suite of Adobe creative products includes sophisticated software for editing graphics, video production, animations and more.

Graphic design, Media editing

Adobe Premiere Pro

Video editing software from Adobe. Premiere has a great titling tool, allowing the editor to quickly, efficiently, and creatively add titles to their project. Premiere can not accommodate multiple editors to a single project. Premiere is available on all DSLab lower-level Macs and some of the circulating laptops. A recommended video editing tool for undergraduates, graduates and faculty.

Media editing


The go-to for image editing and compositioning. Available on all DSLab machines.

Media editing, Graphic design


A graphic design application included in the Adobe Suite. Provides a detailed page design and layout toolset for use across desktop and mobile devices. Great for publishing graphics for books, brochures, apps, and magazines. Available on all DSLab computers.

Graphic design


Easy to use cloud based graphic design software.

Entry-level, Graphic design

Adobe Spark

Create, social graphics, websites and short videos.

Entry level, Graphic design, Media editing, Web publishing


Helps with student engagement such as debates, discussion, essay outlining, knowledge sharing, etc.

Interactive learning, Freeware, Infographic, Presentation


Students can respond to a board with sticky notes in real time

Interactive learning, Presentation, Entry-level


Allows students to share materials to a board in real time.

Interactive learning, Presentation

Near Pod

Faculty can create interactive lecture slides.

Interactive learning, Presentation


Real-time note taking and transcription.

Analysis, Media editing


Screen audio/video capture.

Media editing, Presentation

Screen cast-o-matic

Browser based screen casting tool.

Media editing, Presentation

ArcGIS StoryMaps

interactive storytelling over geospatial maps.

Presentation, Visualization

XSplit Broadcaster

Video production tool.

Media editing, Freeware

Python Anywhere

Host, run and code python in the cloud.



Allows students to annotate readings - either purchased textbooks OR uploaded PDFs.

Interactive learning


Can create multimedia digital posters with embedded videos, links, quizzes, etc.

Presentation, Infographic, Entry-level


Annotation of any document on the Internet.

Interactive learning


Mind and concept mapping program.

Infographic, Visualization, Presentation, Entry-level


Line chart builder.

Infographic, Visualization, Presentation, Freeware


Makes image frame comparisons.

Freeware, Presentation


Virtual reality story creator.

Freeware, Media editing


Creates inline audio.

Freeware, Media editing


Create flowcharts, infographics and other visual communication.

Infographic, Presentation, Visualization


Create and share virtual reality spaces.

Presentation, Entry-level


a web-based text analysis tool robust enough to handle large documents with an easy to use analytics dashboard.

Analysis, Freeware


A general-purpose suite of visualization and analytical tools including geographic and relational mapping features, created first for humanities-related projects.

Freeware, Visualization


A downloadable audio-editing software. Audacity is able to both record and edit audio cross-platform. It will accept WAV, AIFF, MP3 and OGG files. Also is able to cut, paste, copy, mix tracks or add effects to your audio recordings. Free, but must download online. Installed on all the Lab computers.

Freeware, Media editing


A downloadable open-source graphing platform. Gephi allows the custom creation of sophisticated graphs for use in research projects, academia, and journalism. Great for formatting data to generate graphs or clusters. Completely free, but you must download the program. Available on Lab open computers.

Freeware, Visualization


A downloadable open-source web publishing platform. Great for display of library, museum, archive, and scholarly collections and exhibitions. Allows the user to set up quickly without coding to focus more on content. Completely free, but must download and have specific system requirements. Digital Scholarship Lab recommends using with a reclaim hosting domain.

Freeware, Web publishing

Reclaim Hosting

A web-hosting platform. Allows students to have domains which they fully own and control. A very easy way to obtain your own website by providing all support necessary for beginners and veterans. Free registration, but costs between $25-$100 per year depending on package.

Web publishing


A tool to create a website or blog. Very easy to use by allowing users to pick from pre-built website templates and customize their site. Basic templates are free, but customization requires a premium membership.

Entry-level, Web publishing


A web-based blog and web-publishing platform. Allows for group collaboration in creating blogs or web content. Articles and stories are accessible to the entire internet, so both beginning cooks and seasoned journalists can find an audience. Free and easy to use for everyone.

Entry-level, Web publishing

Google Sites

A web-based publishing tool offered by Google that allows the creation of structured wiki pages and webpages. Supports collaboration with multiple individuals. Free with a Google account and easy to use.

Entry-level, Web publishing

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